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Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023)

Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023)



Zachary Levi

Asher Angel

Jack Dylan Grazer

Rachel Zegler

Adam Brody

Ross Butler

Meagan Good

Lucy Liu

Djimon Hounsou

Helen Mirren


Directed by David F. Sandberg


This movie is horrible, it sucks reminds me more of those Disney Channel or Nickelodeon hero series and TV movies. The plot was just everywhere. There seem to be no focus on one thing, the director allowed the movie to get away from him, by letting too many things happening at the same time.

And who did the casting for this movie?

I have not seen worse casting for a trio of badies in a long time. The lady who plays Anne, Rachel Zegler was so bad at it, I just never wanted to see her on screen. I had to confirm that this was not her first acting gig, because she was that poor. Then we had Lucy Liu and Helen Mirren play Kalypso and Hespera in ways that just did not sell the role for me.

Now we have bad acting being shown from the Anne character. Second, the other two not fitting into their roles. Also, the movie having a predictable (like next level predictability) plot with disjointed events happening all around, and the director doing that lazy sewing everything up together in the end. In the end with all this put together it was a horrible time at the theatres, for me.

Weird enough the problem was not Zachary Levi, he alone was the reason I could stand watching this movie for as long as I did without just throwing in the towel and walking off.

The movie starts with us seeing the new family of Shazams struggling to work as a unit. Some getting so high on the fact that they are heroes (Freddy) and the others either too young to understand responsibility or too much of a teenager to understand sacrifice. We discover that Shazam’s (Billy) actions in the end of the first movie had consequences which released the three daughters of Atlas.

They got the Wizard’s staff and were ready to reign once more by resurrecting their realm. Elsewhere, Billy as Freddy has become the most difficult to manage and his falling for girl, placed him in harm’s way of the sisters as they take his powers. His family of friends show up, but the sisters take Freddy and seal up Philadelphia in a dome.

Now Billy and his new Shazam family must work together to save Freddy and stop the sisters.

With the current way things stand in the DC universe I do not know if this movie will be the first in he soft reboot, or part of the old DCEU.

What I do know is that, DC still has a lot of work to do when it comes to the movies they keep dishing out which never seem to be able to stand along side their MCU counterparts.


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