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Age of the dragons (2011)

Age of The Dragons (2011)


Danny Glover
Vinnie Jones

Directed by Ryan Little

Age of the Dragons is a re-imagining of Herman Melville's novel Moby Dick the producers went ahead to change the whole whale thingy to a dragon  which looked like a good idea when you first start watching then later ends up being a major error.

It is a movie that I can say would have been better if it were not made at all.

The director Ryan Little didn’t show much mastery in the act of directing, as the movie's plot was not well fitted with the idea of a dragon infested earth. Then looking at the chemistry between the actors, it was just not there.

The characters were riding a kind of automobile boat, named Pequod. The Pequod on wheels looked sad; its movement on the ground was so slow that i can bet my salary that my grandma will outrun that thing.

The plot is similar to the Moby Dick story, Ahab is hunting down a dragon that crippled him and killed his sister. He is joined on the quest by his former first mate's daughter, and of cause Ishmael.

Ahab, was forced to hide from the sunlight due to the burn wounds on his body which he got when he was young. (the other thing about this movie that didn't make sense was the fact that Ahab wore a mask, because of the burns, but when Ahab removes the mask all i saw was beards.)

The movie does have a plus though, for a B-movie the graphics were okay which was a huge surprise, gauging from its budget.

The film's budget was around $5 million and made only one fifth of that in the box office. Age of Dragon was the first film developed by distribution company Metrodome. Danny Glover was quoted as saying "This is a great idea ... it's going to be fun." Well he wasn’t the watching it from this end

Also it never hit home for me, the twist that Ahab was actually a coward who ran away from the dragon when he was young.  Let’s not mention the dialogue which was dull and not enticing nor interesting enough to keep you wanting more, or even from dozing off.

The costume and makeup artist of this film was probably hired from that salon in Barbers Shop 2, because it was cheap and never portrayed the theme nor the time enough to keep your mind focus on what was going on.
If you have not been fortunate enough to have seen this movie be happy.


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