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Limitless (2011)



Bradley Cooper
Abbie Cornish
Robert De Niro

Directed by Neil Burger

So the question is, would you try NZT?

First this movie draws you into a world of anything can happen when you dope-up, then it grows on you.
Limitless is based on the 2001 novel titled The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn; it was adapted to a movie with Leslie Dixon (Freaky Friday, 2003 and was also the producer of this movie) delivering the screenplay.
Limitless, is well scripted and well acted as Bradley Cooper delivers a memorable performance that is better than what we had to deal with in A-Team (2010), but not up to that of Hangover (2009).

The movie first went into production as The Dark Fields then was changed to Limitless later on. Filming began in Philadelphia and also New York City.
For the car chase scene Italian car maker Maserati provided the two Maserati Gran Turismo coupes for free in "a guerrilla-style approach" to product placement in the movie.

The sad thing though about this movie is of all the things these drugs could do to the human brain, i was not impressed on all the things Eddie got himself into.

Eddie (Bradley Cooper) is a writer who just got dumped by his girlfriend Lindy. As he was walking around feeling morose, he runs into his ex-wife’s brother Vernon Grant (Johnny Whitworth), who invited him to a drink so they could talk about his book. Eddie tells him he is having problems with the book, so Vernon gave him a drug to try for free. He takes the drug thinking what could go worse in his life, the name of the drug is NZT-48, which increased his intelligence and improves his focus.

All of a sudden he has finished the book in a couple of weeks, the financial market looked like legos to him and all he had to do was up the dosage to make himself smarter.

Later on Eddie started running low on stash and his dealer is killed and he Eddie is addicted already to NZT-48 and was ready to do anything to have it.

The director Neil Burger (Illusionist) took the movie through an interesting path, but the ending of the movie could have been far much better than what they delivered. There are talks that Neil will be directing the movie Bride of Frankenstein, if there is a remake.

Shia  LaBeouf was penned to play the lead role in the movie, but he was later replaced by Cooper a change that i believe suited the film nicely. Cooper was voted "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2011 People magazine.

Limitless though has it's limit but it is a good watch any day.


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