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Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

Battle: Los Angeles (2011)


Aaron Eckhart
Michelle Rodriguez
Will Rothhaar
Ramón Rodríguez
Bridget Moynahan
James Hiroyuki Liao
Michael Peña

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman

It’s a whole complete movie with a lot of noise, violence and wasted film. The initial focus on the introduction of the characters is tying, if you miss the 1st 20 mins, don’t worry you haven’t missed any thing reasonable. After that the lack of originality is seen, poor implementation of ideas, and Ne-yo cant act. So what you're watching for like two hours is, “aliens land on earth and start to kill humans to control our resources.” Does that sound familiar?

The good thing about this movie is the CGI.

What else...? I think that's about it. Action movies about aliens evading earth is old and over used.

Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) is assigned to a platoon, during an alien invasion on all the major cities in the world. The platoon was sent to a police station in Los Angeles to rescue a group of trapped survivors within 3 hours, because the whole Los Angeles will be flattened by bombs to cripple the alien invasion.

So what happens next is, noise and lots more noise and people running around in a Saving Private Ryan like way.

Directed by Johnathan Liebesman, who thought story depth is a bad idea, as we are introduced to the characters that can’t pass for marines in the dark. The whimpy cheesy dialogues and then NOISE, space suits, and flying space ships. All this are a product of Christopher Bertolini the script writer, he made me wonder if I was watching a B-movie that was done with a crazy high budget.

The South African director who, directed the 2006 remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and 2012 Wrath of the Titans will be working on the Ninja Turtles in 2014  (that's what i heard if he is not bumped off latter).

The movie did have its own controversy with Sony Pictures Entertainment investigating the possibility of legal action against the filmmakers Greg and Colin Strause, who were hired to do visual effect work on Battle: Los Angeles through their company Hydraulx. Sony Pictures suspected the Strause brothers had created their own Los Angeles-based alien invasion film Skyline, but the later dropped the case.

Aaron who was exceptional in the Dark Knight with Christian Bale and Ledger was more of a letdown in this movie, and Michelle Rodriguez was as usual frowning and being a bad ass although.

Verdict: Other than the above statements, the movie is just a combination of Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan, so i advice you go see the two movies instead.


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