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Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son (2011)

Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son


Martin Lawrence
Brandon T. Jackson

Directed By: John Whitesell

This is the second sequel, to the Big Mommas House franchise

I have a question: What is worse than a guy dressed in old women clothes to pass as a woman?
Answer: Two guys in women clothes trying to pass as women.

This movie gives rotten a new meaning. Like a lot of Martin Lawrence films, it lacked reason for anything; the whole point of the movie is lost in them trying to make you laugh, which they don't achieve.

The movie was unfunny and it was plagued with many unnecessary scenes that if you cut them out the movie will be just 10 minutes long.

When a movie has a man who results into dressing like a woman, each time he has to resolve an issue, then you know something is wrong, it could sell the first time, but it won’t pass again.

Imagine having to watch Martin Sing and dance in a suit that looks unreal that i was left wondering if the director had his glasses on.

The movie starts with Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) chasing down a postman, so as to retrieve a mail for his teenage stepson Trent Pierce (Brandon T. Jackson) who just graduated from high school.

He gets the mail and Trent has been accepted into Duke University. He goes looking for Trent who was rapping in a park. Malcolm disrupts his performance and tells him the news on their way home, but Trent passes on going to college so as to pursue a music career as a rapper named "Prodi-G".

With his mother Sherry away on vacation with Malcolm and Sherry's baby (born from the second movie) Malcolm has to find a away to deal with Trent while trying to pass as a woman in an all girl school.

Martin is an actor that has refused to develop. The movie gets sadder as the minutes roll by then Faizon Love comes in and outclasses everyone. In the whole movie, he was the only person in the movie that actually acted while the others ran around.

The director John Whitesell who actually did the previous Big Momma 2which was also a waste, and not to forget Malibu's Most wanted, his other movie Deck the Hall with DeVito and Matthew Broderick holds a 6% approval in Rotten tomatoe while this movie had a 5% approval rating.

This won’t make it easy to watch John’s next film Killer Klowns from Outer Space.


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