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Hall Pass (2011)

Hall Pass


Owen Wilson
Jason Sudeikis
Stephen Merchant
Jenna Fischer
Christina Applegate

Directed by The Farrelly brothers

What can I say? I have seen better movies done by both Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live) so i wonder why they choose to be here.
A movie that depicts adultery as something worth thinking about is not worth talking about.
Hall pass did have its fun times and laughs, but this movie is not only degrading to women, but The Farrelly brothers expect their audience to find fun in an issue that has resulted in broken marriages and homes.
The brothers tried so hard to make the characters likeable but it just doesn't rub off. They purchased the script for this film by dishing out a whooping six figure pay to Pete Jones in September 2005.
The thought on my mind while watching this movie is, who gives a spouse a hall pass?
Now i know men can be desperate to get laid, but these guys made Men look like dogs.

The movie script depicts two wives (Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate) who were tired of seeing their husbands (Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis) lust after everything in skirt that passes by. They then decide to leave them for a week, telling them to go screw any willing woman they desire, and get it out of their system, here is where the movie name comes in, they were giving a hall pass to commit adultery.

The guys went crazy with joy but soon realised that once you are out of the game it is not easy getting back in.
As some days went by that the men just stayed in as the day before they had stressed themselves out trying to get laid.
The Farrelly brothers who were also responsible for Something About Mary (Ben Stiller) and also Shallow Hal (Jack Black), made this movie and although the movie did have its comic moments, the script itself lacked life and dedication and too many nauseating actions.

I have seen Owen Wilson in better roles, but i guess actors must have one of those days. Acting in general in the movie was on point, and the screen play good, it is just the idea that just didn't sell.

This is the third time that Jason Sudeikis and Christina Applegate had a starring role with each other; the first being The Rocker and the second being Going the Distance.
This is not one Owen Wilson movie to run to the cinema to go see.


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