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Mars Needs Moms (2011)

Mars Needs Moms


Seth Green
Tom Everett Scott
Joan Cusack
Elisabeth Harnois

Directed by Simon Wells

In mars the men are irresponsible slobs, while the women run the show, the men are treated like garbage and thrown into the dump, as soon as a child is born if it is a female it is kept but if it is male it is sent down the garbage shoot.

Mars needs moms is a 3D computer-animated sci-fi film by Walt Disney Pictures. The film stars Seth Green (performance capture) and newcomer Seth Dusky (voice) for the main character Milo, and was produced by Robert Zemeckis.

The sad thing about the movie is the budget, it cost a total of 150 million and what you see is a weak story line and a box office bomb definitely. All through you keep waiting for something to happen, but till it ends nothing spectacular. I have seen better from Disney and Zemeckis.

Zemeckis obsession of motion capture animation, which he used in Polar Express, Beowulf and also A Christmas Carol seems to be where all his attention is and he didn’t pay much attention to the script and the screenplay and what we have is just one bad movie.

The movie is based on a Berkely Breathed’s picture book, so the story had to be expanded for a full length movie and dragged for 90 minutes. So the simplicity that made the book what it is stolen by the screenplay writers which happen to be Simon Wells the director and his wife Wendy Wells.

The plot is based on the idea that the Martians are capturing mothers from earth to extract their momness and programme it into their nanny-bots so the robots can best raise their children.

Milo is a not so appreciative of his mother, until his mother (Joan Cusack) got taken by the Martians, and he tags along to go save her.

In mars he meets Gribble (Dan Fogler), who had been in mars for too long as when his mother was kidnapped he too tagged along to save her but was unable to and has now grown to become a slob, a scientific genius but a slob.

We also meet Ki (Elisabeth Harnois) who assist them in their ‘save my mom mission’, she is a free thinking Martian girl who lives a life of a rebel in her free time, and had learnt to speak English from watching 1960 American Television.

The movie goes to show that as bad as Mars needs moms we too here need better animations.


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