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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019)

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019)


Kevin Smith
Jason Mewes

Directed by Kevin Smith

One of the reasons I liked the character Jay and Silent Bob, is that these characters jump at you off the screen ridiculous to a power of ten. With wonderful appearances from other actors in the Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse fictional universe, this movie just gives you the same wonderful feeling you get from the first movie.

The best way to describe this movie to someone is like this:
Well, this movie is that movie all over again, with a few adjustment.

Note: this is a reboot not a remake, so the adjustment were youth and diversity. When i say youth and diversity Kevin Smith went all out. He included race diversity, religious diversity, sexual diversity and we even had someone with a disability.

The movie plot is like the first movie, Jay and Silent Bob going to Hollywood to stop the making of the Bluntman and Chronic movie, here to stop the reboot of the said movie.
The movie starts with Jay and Silent Bob getting arrested New Jersey for selling drugs. The two now own their own office which they grow their own marijuana. The office is the old Video Store [from Clerks (1994)] which they changed the name to Cock Smoker.

A lawyer shows up saying he is there to help get them out. He made them sign something which unknown to them was them forgoing their name to the company which now owns the rights to the Bluntman and Chronic movie. The company is working on a reboot and do not want these two interfering.

When they found out what they have signed off, they decided to find a way to stop the movie from being made. Jay (Jason Mewes) recognizes Justice (his girl from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) from TV. One way unknown to us the viewers these two locate Justice’s house only to find out that she has an eighteen-year-old daughter who is Jay’s daughter. Justice makes Jay swear not to tell his daughter (Millennium Falcon played by Harley Quinn Smith, Kevin Smith’s real life daughter) who he is.

When Justice leaves with her wife, Millie pulls a knife on Jay and Silent Bob and ask them to take her and her friend to Hollywood with them. They whole journey is what this movie is about.

I cannot understand someone going to see this movie and not liking it. If you did not like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) there is no way you will like this movie because the movie has been described even by the makers as the same thing all over again.

It is not a movie for the family, but the comedy plays to already fans of the previous Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.


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