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Hercules (1997)

Hercules (1997)


Tate Donovan
Danny DeVito
James Woods
Susan Egan

Directed by John Musker and Ron Clements

All you have to do is see it once and the numerous catchphrases in the animated movie will stick to you. Hercules is one of Disney’s memorable animated movies and it is part of the last three feature animated film during their Renaissance Era, followed by Mulan (1998) and Tarzan (1999).

Hercules is funny, action packed and with such a deep mysterious tale that on first watch it was hard to pinpoint how the movie was going to go.
Very loosely based on the legendary Greek hero Heracles (known by his Roman name, Hercules) this Disney movie is their 35th animated feature film. It has a great voice performance from James Woods, who is voiced of Hades.

They have been many portrayal of the Greek hero Hercules, but none has been as funny or as memorable like Disney’s complete rewrite of this hero’s back story and tale which goes;
Hercules was born to Greek gods, Zeus and his wife Hera (like I said, Disney changed his whole back story from his birth to his death).

Zeus brother Hades is jealous of Zeus and plots to overthrow him and rule Olympus. After seeking help from the Fates, Hades learns that in eighteen years, a planetary alignment will allow him to locate and free the Titans that Zeus has imprisoned. He should then send them to conquer Olympus and then will he be able to rule. The word of caution was also shared, if Hercules fights in the battle for Olympus the Titans will be defeated and Hades plans will fail.

Hades immediately sent his minions Pain and Panic to kidnap Hercules when he was still a baby and feed him a portion that will turn him human.
Pain and Panic did not completely carry out their task, and Hercules still had his god-like strength.

When Hercules was grown he journeyed to Zeus’s temple to learn of his origin, it was there he learned that Zeus was his father. He was told that if he wants to join his family back in Olympus he will have to show that he is a true hero.

He was sent to go meet Philoctetes/Phil, who will train him on how to be a hero.
His path to becoming a hero led him to meet and fall in love with Megara. Which also led him to battle with many villains on his path to become a hero and he meet the most memorable villains in the whole Disney franchise Hades.

The songs, voice casting (especially the performance from James Woods as Hades) is what makes this movie great.
Hercules is a keeper and it never ages any time you see it, so you can have it in store for the future kids.


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