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Bad Boys II (2003)

Bad Boys II (2003)


Martin Lawrence
Will Smith

Directed by Michael Bay

The first movie birthed a second, which by 2019 will birth a T.V. series based on it and then there is a possible sequel, Bad Boys for Life set to be released in 2020, if they can get production off the ground. With all that, I guess we can call Bad Boys a franchise.
The first Bad Boys to me was just a classic buddy cop movie. The 90s is when we got to love Will Smith, although Martin Lawrence was doing all right, but Will Smith was in our faces. Bad Boys (1995) was a crowning of his status as an actor who can switch from being silly funny to drop dead serious.
Bad Boys 2, was the crowning that even good actors like Will Smith can make crappy movies that will make you want to puke.

Nothing about Bad Boys 2 was meant to make you like the movie, the comedy was driven too hard and the action was just everywhere. I will humbly ask you to avoid it.

The plot still has both the leads, Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) still up as partners. This is eight years after Bad Boys (1995), and now our duo is trying to bring down another drug lord, a Cuban.
Well the plot was so flimsy that the duo is not directly on his trail but started on the other end of the trail chasing the spread of ecstasy to a KKK member. It was Burnett’s sister that is actually on the trail of the man behind the drug ring. She was undercover and somewhat, their paths cross, which was not surprising.
Now with she trying to burst this drug ring from the inside these two are going all gun blazing trying to bring it down from the outside.
Like movies like this goes, well you can guess the ending. The girl gets into trouble and these two bumbling heads will show up to come save her and the day. Yes, there is a bonding in the end of the movie, but I guess you have to ignore my warnings not to see this movie to find out.

The movie was a commercial success and received worst reviews than the first movie did. We all know Hollywood will not pass a gift horse in the mouth, so they are trying to get a part three going.
Now the T.V. series coming out in 2019, I do hope will do better than the last set of Buddy Cop movies (Rush Hour, Lethal Weapon) who have either been canceled or not doing well enough.


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