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Beverly Hills Cop III (1994)

Beverly Hills Cop III (1994)


Eddie Murphy
Judge Reinhold
Héctor Elizondo
Theresa Randle

Directed by John Landis

After Beverly Hills Cop I in 1984, they should have just stopped, but you know Hollywood when a movie makes money they will never stop. The idea of a loose Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) in the first film was fun, cool and watching him turn his charm into solving cases was interesting to see.
When the same loose and carefree Axel Foley returned in Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) it was trying and at a point I just wished someone punched him in the face.
Then they waited seven years and decided to make a Beverly Hills III, a no brainer movie with less hope to entertain you than a goldfish swimming in a bowl would.

The script they put together for this movie was like, they wanted to try the patience of their viewers and instead of a carefree Axel Foley, we got a matured of a Foley.
This matured Foley was confusing, I was tired of carefree Foley in Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) but that didn’t mean a more matured Foley was the answer.

Again, we are at Beverly Hills California because Axel just would not follow protocols. He was after a chop shop and decided the best way to get the bad guys is by cancelling SWAT and he and his guys storm the place.
That backfired because the car thieves they were after, stole some property of the U.S. government by stealing the car and intended to sell them to the new villain in the Beverly Hills Cop roaster.

Because of his carelessness one of his guys got killed by the villain, because he and his guys were outgunned. Now clues led him to go to Beverly Hills to find this guy and stop him.
This journey takes Axel down a path of near deaths for the people around and he gets involved in not only stopping the murderer but ending a counterfeiting ring.

 The movie was a disappointment in the box office, because we were all tired of seeing Axel Foley after Beverly Hills Cop II (1987). It was heavily criticized for the portrayal of Axel Foley and Eddie Murphy’s acting.
The movie had some of the main cast cut due to other engagements making it impossible for them to be in the movie, so there was no Taggart and Captain Bogomil.

It was announced some time ago that a new Beverly Hills Cop will be done with Murphy coming back to reprise his role. I do hope this time he comes a the real Axel Foley and they make the script more interesting with a case worth solving instead of an annoying Axel Foley.


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