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Cars (2006)

Cars (2006)


Starring the voices of
Owen Wilson
Paul Newman
Bonnie Hunt
Larry the Cable Guy

Directed by John Lasseter

Cars 1 is a 2006 animated comedy film that was the final movie Pixar produced independently before being purchased by Disney. The animation was to Disney and Pixar a critical and financial success (especially in the sales of merchandises).

The animation was smooth, the tale easy to get along with and the plot simple. The animation also played a huge role in passing along a message about the life and aspiration of McQueen. It is the only one out of the three Cars film that I truly enjoyed from start to finish.
The movie has a great ensemble cast in voice acting and it was the last acting role by Paul Newman.

The plot of Cars 1 was unique, and I must give it that. For me although I have seen animations with anthropomorphic vehicles before, this was the first with a tale I could be proud to say I have seen and enjoyed.
The animation is about a rookie racer named Lightning McQueen. McQueen was racing in the Piston Cup championship and the race ended in a three-way tie between him, retiring veteran Strip "The King" Weathers and Chick Hicks.

The race for the tiebreaker will be happening in California and McQueen wanted badly to win the race and be free of the life living behind the big-league sponsors.
He jets off early to get some practice before the race when he gets to California and the long night ride made his Mack carrying him sleep off while driving and missing his way. The whole dirt road Mack was on was all bumpy and McQueen still asleep, rolls off the truck and unto the road.

McQueen wakes in the middle of traffic and desperately races up the highway to try and catch Mack, but he misses his entrance due to his headlights not on. He lands in a desert town and ruins their pavement.
McQueen was in Radiator Springs. There McQueen was to learn, humility and the way to be a better racer.

What this first film in the franchise had over its predecessor Cars 2 (2011), was the lack of a somewhat dark thriller feel that Cars 2 (2011) had. Cars 3 (2017) was more of a back to the basic like this first Cars was, the basic of racing.

Cars is a nice introduction to a franchise Disney milked for every last penny. The animation and screenplay are amazing and memorable, plus I had much fun watching it.


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