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Goldstone (2016)

Goldstone (2016)


Aaron Pedersen
Alex Russell
David Gulpilil
Jacki Weaver

Directed by Ivan Sen

Sometimes these movies will not be groundbreaking magnificent that you are amazed it was not popular. At times you watch some and wonder why they are made, but the good ones will always leave you glad you saw them. Many of the good ones like here, Goldstone are just subtle settings with a tiny cast and made to entertain and not be a crowd pleaser.

Goldstone is a nice film, the sought of film that is meant to make you realize that not doing nothing is the same as being part of the problem.
The movie is a standalone film, but it is a sequel to a previous film Mystery Road which also starred the lead Aaron Pedersen as Jay Swam.
Set three years after the incident of the previous movie, the lead Jay is off to a town to investigate what happened to a missing Asian tourist. Like I said, the movie is a standalone film and what he did in the previous movie is mentioned here, but it has no bearing on this movie.

Jay is a head strong Aborigine police officer, and his coming to the town was met with a lot of grievance from the locals. He had a shootout in the trailer he was staying by some racist crew who find pleasure in hurting foreigners and Aborigines. Like I said it is an Australian movie, and Jay was in a local Aborigine town which much of its elders were selling out their land to a company promising development.

Jay being around was a problem as his continued search for the missing tourist led him to stumble on a human trafficking ring, turning Asian girls to sex slaves.

The people in charge of the trafficking are in bed with the racist crew, the elders of the town and the law of the town. The local police officer, Josh turns a blind eye to everything. He was made to pay attention and reluctantly join Jay in the town cleanup when Jay accused him of being on the take to turn a blind eye.
Together the two of them stir up enough dust in town as human trafficking and land grabbing were not the only problem the town has, murder was now on the list.

This Australian thrilling drama is directed and written by Ivan Sen, if you do not know who he is, neither do I. He also did the music, cinematography and was on call as the movie editor, he is a one-man Swiss army knife of movie production.
The movie is fun and gained numerous Australian accolades (in nominations and winnings) from their movie awarding community.
Like I said it is a subtle movie, not so much gun blazing, but it does pack enough suspense to make you want to see it through. So, if you got the time for some good drama, go see this movie.


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