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Calibre (2018)

Calibre (2018)


Jack Lowden
Martin McCann
Tony Curran

Directed by Matt Palmer

Calibre is an exciting movie, thrilling, very captivating and just nosed dive in the end. The movie starts slow and picks up a pace which I have to say was at a point so fast I had to sit up to keep up.
This British movie is about everything that could go wrong in a hunting trip happening. It would have ended a good dose of Netflix viewing, but the writer just didn’t want that to be.
The movie is an anticlimax, taking something that would have been a good ending if the towns folks had just done the right thing. Instead the writer decided to make them just as crazy as all those movies you have seen where the towns people come together to be stupid.

For the plot, I have to say it was straight forward no twist and turns, just a direct matter of two guys going on a hunting trip after one found out that his wife was expecting.
Now when things start to turn in the movie, the expected happens; people start making bad decisions.
Well, here is the plot as it was presented. Two friends decided to go hunting. One of which was married and his wife expecting, his name is Vaughn. The other is that one friend that everyone should stay away from, named Marcus.
Vaughn has never gone hunting before so heading out with Marcus was a thrill.
They went to a town with sufficient amount of woods that will make hunting deer fun and very much successful. Before they set out hunting, they got rolled up with some girls in the local town (against the warning of a man). Marcus especially got all up in there as Vaughn kept his zipper up.
Vaughn saw Marcus the second day and saw that instead of being all shook up like him because of the heavy drinking Marcus was up and up. Yeah, Marcus uses drugs.

They head into the woods and site a deer. Marcus shows Vaughn and preps him up for the shot.
Vaughn takes the shot and the deer moves out the way in time and Vaughn hit a young man instead. Now all seems out of place, Vaughn confused runs to the lad and sees that he is motionless. The lad’s father comes out of the woods crying and holding his son.
Things didn’t go the way you would expect from here on, but I will save you the case of dropping spoilers and let you go see it yourself.

The movie is an ok flick on a lazy Sunday.


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