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Ocean’s 8 (2018)

Ocean’s 8 (2018)


Sandra Bullock
Cate Blanchett
Anne Hathaway
Mindy Kaling

Directed by Gray Ross

Is it possible that there have been too many heist movies?
Because that is how Ocean’s 8 felt like, like I have seen so many heist movies and I was hoping something, just anything out of the ordinary will happen.
The movie kept to the regular Ocean’s Eleven franchise style, they plan an elaborate scheme, get the crew they need to pull it off and, in the end, pull it off.
Other than the same old serving of a heist movie, my hats go off to Anne Hathaway for her amazing portrayal.

Ocean’s 8 is a spinoff of Ocean’s Eleven and it follows up from whatever happened to Danny Ocean, as this movie sets him up as dead. His sister Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) is also like her brother, and the way Brad Pitt’s character was to Danny Ocean same was Cate Blanchett’s character to Debbie Ocean.
Just like every Danny Ocean’s heist, his sister too was planning a big heist, that was supposed to set her and her partners up for life.
They were planning to steal a $150 million diamond necklace at the Met Gala.
The task was not an easy one so both Debbie and Lou put together a fine cast of characters with each having specific skills needed to pull off the heist.

The plan was easy, they needed to get that necklace on the neck of a celebrity that will be invited to the Met Gala. They will then steal the necklace off her and place a fake one in its place before the owners realize that the real necklace is missing. By that time, they will be long gone.

To add a little spice to this plot, Debbie has a biff with her ex. He was the one who set her up to be locked up in prison (which is where the movie starts). It was in prison that she had planned this whole heist for more than five years and to get back at him for setting her up.

That is the plot to this movie with an all women crew.
I just feel better writing would have made this movie far more better than its predecessors. Its own heist is not like the Danny Ocean’s when you feel like there are too many people involved and just too many “how tos” to follow up on.
Then when it was time to complete the eight, I just wish they will do a better job than just adding an additional member to the crew that we could have just guessed from seeing the posters and the trailers.

The movie had a whole lot of cameos and we had some visits from two of the casts in the Ocean’s Eleven crew. The movie has done well in the box office and with that I’m pretty sure plans are in place to make a part two of this movie.


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