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Robin Hood (1973)

Robin Hood (1973)


Starring the voice of
Phil Harris
Andy Devine
Peter Ustinov
Brian Bedford

Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman

They have been many animated adaptations of Robin Hood’s story. There have also been many adaptions of stories where anthropomorphic animals rather than humans are used to depict the characters. Disney’s 1973 animation Robin Hood is the best of both worlds.
The animation did justice to memorable plotlines, memorable characters, memorable songs and entertaining subplots.
For me this animation has not gotten the needed recognition it deserves, and many will have forgotten that it was done.
Here stands one of the best retelling of the local British folk hero, but it was not well received by critics. The movie’s animation feels like they were not expecting much from it, but the movie is good and should have its ratings redone.

We all know the tale of Robin Hood. We all know it so well that it even comes to our regular conversation when we meet someone who does acts like he did. Robin Hood was a folktale of a man who stole form the rich and gave to the poor, he did so with the aid of his merry men. Robin Hood was an excellent marks man and very good with the sword.

This Disney tale starts with Alan-a-Dale (a minstrel who later joins Robin's merry men) is the man who tells us the tale of Robin and his best friend Little John. The two are outlaws who live Sherwood Forest and made a name for themselves by stealing from the rich and give to the poor townsfolk of Nottingham.

Sheriff of Nottingham has been against them, trying to catch the men and bring them to justice for their crimes, but Robin and John always seem to be a step ahead.
We are introduced to Prince John and his assistant Sir Hiss when they arrive in Nottingham. They were robbed by Robin and Little John rob Prince John by disguising themselves as fortune tellers.
This brings the attention of the Prince on Robin with instilling further grievance on the sheriff to catch him.
The tales also brings us to meet Maid Marian, who is Robin's love interest.

As said this movie is not receiving the much-needed appreciation it deserves; its retelling was funny to watch and the characterization of the characters as animals fitted their roles like a glove or were ironically ridiculous in a funny way.
While BBC 1984 series of this hero for me is the best live action adaptation, as they also retold the story adding witchcraft and religious worship, this Disney adaption is the best animation adaptation and to some, even its tale is better woven than the BBC’s version.


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