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Ghost Rider (2007)

Ghost Rider (2007)


Nicolas Cage
Eva Mendes
Wes Bentley
Sam Elliott

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson

This movie lacks everything needed to make it good. Ghost Rider is a Marvel Comic superhero, who got his powers from making a deal with Mephisto. The first rider according to the comic history is Carter Slade and the second is what this movie is about, Johnny Blaze (in this movie played by Nicholas Cage).

This movie would have been amazing if they just gave the whole thing to a better writer and director. It is loaded with lazy writing, some very nonsensical acting, plot holes everywhere and everyone seems to be clairvoyant when it comes to figuring things out. This Ghost Rider movie from 2007 is absolute filth.
When a movie has people figuring things out left right and center with everything falling into place for no apparent reason, you either have lazy writing or bad editing. I believe it is the former. The whole CGI back then was not mind blowing, but Nicholas Cage was also not so good at being a superhero. His portrayal of Johnny Blaze lacked conviction.
The director and writer of this movie is Mark Steven Johnson. If the name seems familiar he is also the man behind (because he also wrote and directed) the critically panned Ben Afflecks 2003 Daredevil. It is obvious by now, Mark Steven Johnson has a lot to learn about making superhero movies.

As Johnny Blaze’s plot goes, he makes a deal with the devil (Mephisto) to save his father’s life. The deal went sour when Mephisto killed his father. Many years later Johnny becomes a celebrity stunt man because of his crazy bike stunts. The stunts would have resulted in his death, but since he had been made the Ghost Rider by the deal will Mephisto, he survives weird crashes.

One day Blackheart storms earth with only one aim, to take over from his father as the ruler of hell by getting the contract of San Venganza. This contract was denied Mephisto by Carter Slade, the first Ghost Rider. This was because with the amount of souls tied to this contract Mephisto will become all powerful. Mephisto comes calling on Blaze, asking him to stop Blackheart. The Ghost Rider spirit in Blaze takes over and goes after Blackheart.
Now, Johnny must learn to control it and also stop Blackheart. Add to his problem is his blast from the past love of his life (Roxanne played by Eva Mendes) who is caught in the crossfire between Blackheart and Blaze.

Everyone in this movie left me wondering why they took up the roles they had in this movie. If they were not ready to give a hundred percent, why come on board. Marvel back then needed the money and sold their rights of character to almost anybody.
It was this spread of rights across many studios that led to movies like these being around, many of which should have never been made.


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