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Father's Little Dividend (1951)

Father’s Little Dividend (1951)



Spencer Tracy

Joan Bennett

Elizabeth Taylor

Don Taylor

Billie Burke


Directed by Vincente Minnelli


As usual just like the first film from 1950, the movie is narrated by Stanley Banks. The movie starts with Stanley Banks (Spencer Tracy) sitting prepping for a big day when he starts to tell us about something that happened a year ago. The movie has a fun score with more concentration on the comedy unlike the first film which had more drama. I enjoyed this movie more than I did the first film and more than I did the 1995 remake, which is odd because I loved the remake of the 1991 to that of the 1950.

The movie has a nice feel and gives me nostalgia remembering Father of the Bride II (1995). And if you like me grew up with the Steve Matin version of the 90s, you will enjoy this one too. I feel the movie starts stronger than the first film of 1950. Father of the Bride II (1995) is a more closely remake of this film, than the 1950 is of the 1991.

The story has Kay (Elizabeth Taylor) inviting the family to their small apartment to tell them a big news. She and Buckley are expecting a baby, and everyone is thrilled except Stanley who feels like his little Kay is slipping away more and more. The two expecting grandmothers want the new parents to live with them. But the couple bought their own home and Kay’s mother (Ellie played by Joan Bennett) is busy decorating it while Buckley’s parent made space in their home for a nursery for the new baby on the way. Ellie is feeling the baby slipping away more and more. The movie does not have the second bundle from the Banks like the remake does. Unlike the remake where the movie ends when the baby is born, here the movie still runs, and we get to see Stanley deal with having a grandchild.

In the end the movie was a fun watch, and it did a better job with the comedy than the first and as usual the actors were just amazing, did not love the score that much. Still believe the score/soundtrack of the 90s were a class ahead of the ones from the 50s.

This movie makes me want to see what happens next in the Warner Bros. adaptation of this story placing the family in a Latino setting. Also, Disney is working on a remake for Disney+ and I just hope that both adaption does justice to these movies which I believe are classics.

I am not for certain where you can find these movies to stream, but I would advise you do if you love the old days with Black and White. And enjoy seeing talents like Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, and Elizabeth Taylor. Or you can be like me and love the 90s remake so much that you can never get tired and watch them over and over. I would advise you take a dose of the remake before you go see the new Warner Bros adaptation of 2022.


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