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Anger Management (2002)

Anger Management (2002)




Adam Sandler

Jack Nicholson

Marisa Tomei


Directed by Peter Segal


Anger Management was a movie I saw way back then and I never recall seeing it again after seeing it like once. I recall many of the things that happened it, I recall the incident in the ending and how it was all set to make Dave (Adam Sandler) a better person and stand-up for himself and not hold everything in, but that was it for me.

Seeing the movie again in 2022 I can say this is a very boring, unfunny movie that made less sense than it tried to. The whole idea could have best been done if they made Buddy (Jack Nicholson) normal. I even think the movie would have been funnier if everyone around Dave acted normally. The over exaggeration of characters and the portrayal of Buddy as a man who uses unorthodox methods to treat his patience would have made more sense if it was toned down a lot, not a little, but a lot.

There is no celebration to be had for the story or the acting, everything about this movie comes across like one of those bad hallmark movies which you are forced to watch because you have a guest who is easily entertained by ridiculousness.

The movie starts with a pushover named Dave who is in a great relationship with Linda (Marisa Tomei). He wa0s on a work trip when things got out of hand quickly. First his seat was taken, and he had to find another which led him to sit next to Buddy. While sited Buddy kept disturbing him during the flight with his laughing and later asking Dave to join him in watching the inflight movie. Dave asked the flight-attendant for headphones, and she over-reacted which led to Dave getting sentenced to 20 hours of anger management.

Dave thought he could get out of it, but the one session he attended we see him snap at the doctor who by weird coincidence happens to be his sit partner Buddy. He refused to let Dave off easy, so Dave has to finish the class. He gets assigned an anger buddy someone he could call when things get out of hand, which landed Dave in more trouble, and he could face jail time if he does not get his anger issues controlled.

The movie failed to make me care about Dave who I believe if I was in his shoes would have attempted to kill Buddy earlier than he did.

Very unrealistic, boring and not funny is this movie which I wish I had left in the cage back in mind when I saw it back then and could not recall what happened.


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