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Bulletproof (1996)

Bulletproof (1996)




Adam Sandler

Damon Wayans

James Caan


Directed by Ernest Dickerson


What Bulletproof lacks in humour it made up for it with a lot of flimsy deaths. The number of henchmen and innocent people who died in this movie is just ridiculous. The movie’s name is Bulletproof, well the two leads seem to be. While people are dying everywhere, these two always seem to survive no matter what. And when both got shot, death was nowhere to be found. One took a straight shot to the head and survived, the other got a graze.

The movie’s plot had as much holes as it could. The way a small-time crook could have access to a big-time boss like Colton, goes to show the movie writer did not do his read up well, I expected at least a middleman between these two. Secondly, you are suspecting that they are after you and you did not think to consider that your phone could be bugged. Do note his phone was not bugged, but I would not have spoken freely to my girlfriend if I was on the run.

The plot is about an undercover cop, Jack/Keats (Damon Wayans) who made friends with Moses (Adam Sandler) a small-time crook who had connection to a big-time drug dealer, Colton. Keats asked about how come Moses got enough money to throw around, even thought they work together and share the money 50/50. Moses after a while brought Keats in on his secret. He introduced Keats to Colton, and Keats used this opportunity to burst their next operation which led to Moses shooting Keats, and Colton not getting caught.

Colton is now after Moses, who escapes from him and is later arrested for a separate charge months later.

Moses decided to work with the police to bring down Colton for a lesser sentence and will only work with Keats, whose real name is Jack. Jack is not over Moses shooting him and Moses wants Jack to let it go as he is not over Jack betraying him. Now both must find their way to the D.A. before Colton and his goons catch up to them.

In the end the movie was a dud box office wise and critical wise. I watched this movie one more time now because I wanted to recall how it was, never knew I was better off not recalling how bad this movie was. Adam Sandler worked on a lot of movies in the 90s becoming a household name for anything comedy, but this buddy cop comedy did not live up to the needed expectations starring these two comedians.

The idea that anyone decided to do a second part of this movie, even though it was a straight-to-video release is beyond me. What was worse is that they now got new people to play the leads.


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