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Interceptor (2022)

 Interceptor (2022)



Elsa Pataky

Luke Bracey


Directed by Matthew Reilly


Do Netflix have any plans at all to make good movies? It is hard to understand how they have been in service for so long with crap movies like this. Then you remember they survived on buying distribution rights to movies done by others, while theirs always sucked. This Sucked.

What was this? What in the heaven’s name was this turd? This movie sucked so much if this was a cinema I would have walked out. This is a plain action movie with action sequences that made absolutely no sense at all.

Elsa could not do those things, and I give her props for trying hard to convince me that she could. Sadly, I was not convinced.

This was badly written and not well directed. They just wanted to make an action movie and did not bother to think. The idea was bad, the plan was stupid and then they were stopped by one person. The movie did not bother to give us details on how the bad guys got the nuclear weapons. It just states that they have it and now they are going to use it. Knowing U.S well the terrorist decided to hijack a missile interceptor rig so as to stop the U.S. from destroying the missiles before they reach their target. All their plans would have worked if not for Captain J.J. Collins (Elsa) who they somehow had a contingency plan for her surviving all their tactics. Now was she that bad ass that they had to be ready? Well, the movie felt so, and I felt this was bullshit. She alone had to kill so many people in close proximity to win and how she managed to not get killers is a miracle that can make an atheist believe in God.

How Elsa in the end was able to wrench something from the panel which had been damaged with acid and hook it up to a laptop to try and save the day, blew my mind. The movie must think we are all stupid. I want to believe that real interceptor rigs (I have no clue about how they are if they are) are better wired, because that did not make any sense at all. Do not even think for a second that this movie tried to explain the technological phenomena.

I have a huge crush on Elsa Pataky, but that crush was just enough to stomach watching her through this movie. Other than that, this movie is terrible. There is no way the casts and crew believed they have done something worth anybody’s time except fans of Elsa.


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