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Father of the Bride 3-ish (2020)

Father of the Bride 3-ish (2020)



Steve Matin

Diane Keaton

Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Kieran Culkin

Florence Pugh

Ben Platt


Directed and Written by Nancy Meyers



I don’t know if it was the Nostalgia, but I loved seeing the gang back together again. The last time we saw the whole crew was back in Father of the Bride II (1995) twenty five years later we have this warm homage to the classic 90s movie. Even though the Father of the Bride (1991) was a remake, for me the remake beats the original, which is one of the rear occasions that hardly happens.

This Part 3 (ish) was fun. It is twenty-five minutes long and happens on a zoom call. The zoom call has all the family together we now have new introduced casts as older Megan Banks (Florence Pugh) and older George Banks-MacKenzie (Annie and Bryan’s son played by Ben Platt). This is happening during the covid pandemic and George Banks (Steve Matin) is over-reacting as you would expect. With Nina (Diane Keaton) forcing him to stay in the guest room because of his hyperactive behaviour. Also on the zoom call are Annie (Kimberly Williams-Paisley), Matty (Kieran Culkin) and Bryan (George Newbern). All reprising their roles along with Matin and Keaton. On the call they are discussing the pandemic and the reason for the call which was odd because it was Matty who initiated it. If you know this movie there is one more person you should be expecting in the cast list and he was also on this zoom call reprising his role as Frank, Martin Short.

In the end, this short is fun for the lovers of the movie and was done to raise money for the pandemic.

Growing up in Nigeria in the mid-90s the channel, Channels Television had this wonderful weekend idea of feeding we the children with four movies in the afternoon. They were Father of the Bride (1991), Father of the Bride II (1995) Casper (1995) and Jumanji (1995). Grown now the out of the four the one that for me still remains a classic is Father of the Bride (1991), there is something magical about this movie. Watching the family get together with the introduction of Bryan as the man that Annie wants to marry and George losing his mind. This short brought warm memories of those days see George go off his rockers when he sees the mansion his in-laws live and the amount of money they can pull. Then there is the warmth of the musical score that this movie delivers, which is also used in this short. I can never forget the tunes in my head. The first Father of the Bride (1991) lives forever as one of the best films of my childhood.

The second part of the movie Father of the Bride II (1995), was fun to watch the whole gang back again. The movie did its best to pull on the heart strings of the previous classic and in the end, it was an enjoyable ride just as this short is.


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