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The Man from Toronto (2022)

The Man from Toronto (2022)




Kevin Hart

Woody Harrelson

Kaley Cuoco

Jasmine Mathews

Lela Loren


Directed by Patrick Hughes


So, Sony did a bad movie then sold the distribution rights to Netflix, well that’s good marketing for Sony and bad purchase for Netflix. When is Netflix going to learn to either make good movies or get good movies? This movie was awful.

The chemistry between Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson is non-existence. That is not even the worse part of this movie is the characters they portray. Kevin plays Teddy a man who is so annoying and unrealistic a person that it goes over my head how the director let this happen. The idea of making Teddy a person that never shuts up even in situations where he is about to die is one of the worst movie mistakes I have seen. Who goes on a talking spree in a situation where you survived a plane crash, witness a man kill other people and be sent on a mission to infiltrate a political killer’s home? Nobody that I know will find these situations a good place to keep talking non-stop.

Then there is Woody’s character the Man from Toronto, who is supposed to be a ruthless killer with no emotions. Sadly, all through this movie his reason for keeping Teddy alive started to fade fast and still this man failed to just put a bullet in Teddy’s head even if for no reason, but to make his mouth stop moving. Hart talked so much I yelled at the screen, shut up!!

The plot is about a local screwup named Teddy who decided to make up for years of screwups and take his wife on a beautiful getaway on her birthday. He mistakenly goes to the wrong house where the occupants were expecting the man from Toronto. When he saw that they wanted him to torture someone for the fear of getting himself killed, he played along. He got the information the needed without lifting a finger to torture. The place was geared to be raided and it was. Teddy was captured and since his arrival the occupants have sent his profile picture to their boss, saying they have made contact with the man from Toronto. The FBI ask Teddy to continue to play along until they catch the man they are after.

The man of Toronto watched from the side-lines as all these take place. He catches up with Teddy before he goes on the next mission and the two work together to get the next information before Toronto decides what he wants to do with Teddy.

In the end you have a movie filled with promising stars who never match on screen and a script which never took off.


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