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The Duke (2020)

The Duke (2020)




Jim Broadbent

Helen Mirren

Fionn Whitehead

Anna Maxwell Martin


Directed by Roger Michell


In 1961 there was a theft in England from the National Gallery of the portrait of the Duke of Wellington painted by Goya. This movie seemingly explores the incidents that led to the theft and return of the painting, although it skips the four-year gap of its return. The painting was stolen by a man named Kempton Bunton.

This movie is funny especially when we get to the court scene towards the end. The acting is good, and the story is well crafted to have your attention as you wonder how all these different ideas of Kempton will eventually lead to the theft. When the theft occurs, I especially enjoyed how the movie created more issues in the life of Kempton which led him to want to end the whole matter by returning the paining.

Jim Broadbent was astounding in his portrayal of Kempton, and I believe him and him alone made watching this movie worthwhile.

This movie is about the life of Kempton Bunton (Jim Broadbent) a retiree who (in this movie) is a taxi driver. Things are difficult for the Buntons as husband and wife (Dorothy – Helen Mirren) work to try and keep the food on the table and care for their sons. Their life also has a grief story as their daughter died tragically while riding a bicycle. The way the couple death with this death differs greatly with Dorothy rather not think about it and Kempton not wanting to forget his daughter.

Kempton was so knee deep in many campaigns for the elderly and through out his life Kempton was sort of a fighter for those who can’t fight for themselves. He went up against the government for TV rights for the elderly refusing to pay and spending time in prison. Dorothy has had enough of all his antics and battles. Kempton wanted to make a last fight and take that battle to London promising Dorothy that this will be the last time he does any fight against the government.

It was this trip to London that led to the theft of the painting which Kempton brought back home. The authorities are looking for this painting with a reward offered for the retrieval of it. Kempton hides the painting in his home and tries to use it to blackmail the government into giving the value of the painting to charitable causes.

The movie was worth my time and will be worth yours. Although the incident really occurred the way the movie turned it to an entertaining piece is another thing to applaud the writer and director for.


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