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Jerry & Marge Go Large (2022)

Jerry & Marge Go Large (2022)



Bryan Cranston

Annette Bening


Directed by David Frankel


Bryan Cranston knack of playing characters who are in over their head in a situation they were able to create on their own for their benefit is exactly what this movie is about. This movie reminds me of his path in Breaking Bad and while that was a dark road with a very sad ending. This movie is more light-hearted with a nice ending where everyone ended up happy.

Cranston’s character Jerry was able to spot a flaw in the lottery system and he milked it.

The movie does have a lot of old casts, each pulling their own weight to make this movie nice and soothing. The movie goes down well with a nice lunch while you sit down and stream away. The movie is available on Paramount+ and it so far beats a lot of the crap Netflix is dishing out.

The plot is about a small town’s guy who has been working in a company for more than forty years and retiring was a big blow for him. Jerry is a numbers man and seem to know the odds of everything. While having lunch, he calculated the odds of him winning the lottery after analysing some of the winning numbers. He saw a flaw in the system and decided to use his savings to play.

He won and he kept on playing, then he brought his wife and accountant into the story. Soon he was able to start a company and using sales of shares in the company he was able to exploit the lottery system to make millions.

In Harvard there are two young maths whizz (Tyler and Eric) who also play the lottery looking for flaws, to expand their winnings. Their paths crossed and while Jerry had his whole town are betting as one reaping the benefits of his maths genius. Tyler and Eric are doing all this for their own pocket.

They went up against one another with Jerry just wanting to collect his winnings and play in peace, but Tyler wants to burn everything to the ground if he is not the only one benefiting from this lottery flaw.

It is a fun movie to see as we see an old couple bring life into their bones and marriage by risking it all and doing something stupid. Their choice to carry their whole town along also added to the risk which made the excitement even more for them. That is what they lived for, and they were able to use that drive as a means to motivate themselves to take on the Harvard boys.



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