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Man vs. Bee (2022)

Man vs. Bee (2022)





Rowan Atkinson


Directed by David Kerr


This new Rowan Atkinson project is similar to his work as Mr. Bean. The difference is that this character (Trevor) is crafted as just an unlucky divorcee father who gets obsessed by little things and loses all sense of decorum, for himself, environment, and people around.

Man vs. Bee is the new comedy series on Netflix which plays like a movie chopped into nine paths of different time length mostly (withing 10 – 12 minutes). We get to see Trevor show up at his new designation form his place of work as a house sitter. Same Trevor is having issues with his ex-wife about being unavailable when it comes to their daughter.

Trevor’s mishaps can be seen through the eyes of a man who is just unlucky and gets too obsessed with things he should just overlook. At the start you are ok with things falling, catching fire when they should and he trying to fix things so that he does not get into trouble in the end. Then you get the feeling this is not new and then you are able to guess your way around. The predictability nature of the first few episodes may be something Atkinson may have picked up on, so they decide to step up things in a new way.

They took his total lack of care for his environment up a notch to the point where it is unrealistic.

Who cares about a clumsy fellow, here comes the wrecking ball of a human. I get the idea that this comedy is not meant to be realistic, but the clumsy and silly nature which was predictable is better than the unrealistic nature of his being. It was like they threw care into the wind and did things I could not believe anyone even someone like him in real-life will be able to do.

This man went crazy trying to kill a bee. After he was left to care for the home with all the codes and the needed gestures to manage this modern home, Trevor had a bee fly in as a visitor. He chased him with everything he could lay his hand on and that resulted in him, burning the house, destroying a car, trashing the paintings, and almost killing a dog.

In the end, even though I did not hate the ride I think this movie was not a step up from the Mr. Bean character, but more like the Johnny English character, but not as good.

You can take a dive into this movie/series it is like 90 minutes long in total and you can just run through it like you are seeing a movie.


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