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Mr Deeds (2002)

Mr Deeds (2002)




Adam Sandler

Winona Ryder

Peter Gallagher

Jared Harris



Directed by Steven Brill


Back then seeing this I had no idea that this was a remake of classic Frank Capra movie from 1936 Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. I haven’t seen the classic this movie is made from, but I can bet it holds more water than this. I guess back then Sandler must have believed that violence was fun to depict on screen. Because Deeds (Adam Sandler) was a gentleman who seems to get violent at people who either treat him wrong or just treat others he liked wrong. How this was an amiable character for the loveable Deeds we were supposed to be rooting for goes over my head.

I am giving this movie a 5/10 because of nostalgia of the times in my life were nothing much mattered and I wish I could be so myopic a believer in the world’s goodness once again.

The movie is not bad, it still was able to hold my interest even though the story needed work. Also, the acting looked dull at times and the movie seemed like something everyone got into because they believed it would be fun. You can see it in their acting and the way the characters were exaggerated that the people involved seem to be having fun making this movie. It looked like that, and I hope that’s how it was.

The movie starts with a man trying to conquer a mountain. He died doing so and it turns out he is worth over $40 billion, and he had children or wife. His company did some investigation and found a distant relative of his living in a remote village in New Hampshire, Longfellow Deeds. Deeds was approached and given the news that he was going to be rich. He was also convinced to sell his shares in the company and just live out his life with his money.

Deeds travels to New York in style and has to wait for somedays for the paperwork to be done. Somewhere else in New York is a lady named Babe (Winona Ryder) who wants to make it big as a reporter. The news studio has been stalking Deeds and heard how he so much wanted to be a hero to a damsel-in-distress. So, Babe faked a basic damsel-in-distress situation and got Deeds attention and he fell for her beauty. Elsewhere the paperwork is being drawn to get him to sell his shares, while Babe was able to get footage on Deeds which were used to smear him.

How everything turned out for Deeds and Babe in the end is for you to see when you take a shot at this movie, even though I do not recommend you do.


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