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Spiderhead (2022)

Spiderhead (2022)



Chris Hemsworth

Miles Teller

Jurnee Smollett


Directed by Joseph Kosinski


Another Netflix movie that is not worth your time.

I thought Interceptor (Elsa Pataky) was one of the worst Netflix movies I have seen in a while, but Chris Hemsworth was like hold my beer. My wife’s movie cannot be the worst, mine must be. Spiderhead is a b-movie with a myopic purpose (if you look at the big picture), no point and in the end wasted money on trying to make some sort of psychological thriller that anyone with common sense can reap apart in a few seconds.

The writer of this movie had a myopic view of the world in general and based this movie of it.

Spolier alert

Our movie is about a facility that has people who had signed up for a drug program. Well, that was what they thought. In fact, they were signed on to a program that was testing a drug called B-6 a drug that is meant to make you obedient regardless of any feelings.

Steve (Hemsworth) was the head of the facility, and he was testing the drug alongside other drugs to see the extent people will go. Testing the obedience drug with a drug that makes you honry, hungry or feel pain. The idea is how much can he push the people to do things he wanted with the B-6 in their system.

Now the goal of this is to have a world hooked on B-6. Now the government is not on board with this idea of a world where humans were mere robots told what to do, because in the end the police were after Steve. Just Steve who thinks the best way to implement this drug is to have the world on it. Here goes my idea of purpose… how was he going to achieve this, if only him was the one working on this?

Wait, how will the world be a better place when everyone is like a remote?

If this movie had something like the government working on this drug and it ended with a whistleblower ending everything, it would have made sense.

But a single guy, please give me a break.

This movie was like The Manchurian Candidate without good writing, bad plot and a director that just wanted to get paid.

How did Steve’s plan get turned on its head, well Steve had a guy working with him who wasn’t totally on board with his plan? So, all one of the volunteers had to do was to talk him into turning on Steve.

Which seemed like one of the laziest ways to have a chink in your plan. Hire a guy who is not totally onboard or as sick as you. Then Mark the backstabber was ok with everything from the start watching all the crimes being committed, until someone spoke to him, and he flipped. Wow, what a useless minion.

Netflix should maybe stop making films for a while.


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