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Sky High (2005)

Sky High (2005)


Kelly Preston
Michael Angarano
Danielle Panabaker
Kurt Russell

Directed by Mike Mitchell

If you have not been blessed to see Sky High, I beg that you do.
The movie is not spectacular, nor is some amazing stuff I need you to see, but the idea of superheroes having superhero school, great. Then we have heroes getting married and having super kids, just cool and they go to superhero school, ah!!! You have to see it.
It reminds me of something we all love, The Incredibles (2004) and Incredibles 2 (2018).
This movie was done after The Incredibles (2004) and both are from the mouse house (Disney). The movie, plays with many dynamics and it flaunts girl power way back in 2005. We have a character named Layla who is all about girl power, vegetarianism and a pacifist.
Then we have Will, the son of the superhero duo The Commander and Jetstream. Will is something of a regular guy who is lying to his parents about his ability so they can be proud. The only person who knows Will’s true power ability is his best friend Layla.

It is time for Will to go to high school and children of heroes go to a special high school hiding in the sky called, Sky High. It is there that the children are grouped by the powers into Hero or Sidekick.
It was at this point we learned of Will’s super powers, he hasn’t gotten any.
Even though his parents are the most popular heroes in the world, their son has no powers. He is relegated to sidekick duty and so is his best friend Layla.
He also has eyes for a young lady in his school, Gwen.
Not to steal the whole movie, things did not go as Will would have planned his life in high school as a side kick. When he was being attacked by an archenemy that he did not know he has, Will had to develop quickly in order to protect himself.
Will made friends with the side kicks and as the movie develops, we see him ruin it and also put on the line his relationship with his best friend and we get to see Daddy’s demons come back knocking.
Sky High is a cool film and it is a huge surprise that the movie did not spawn a sequel. It seems there was so many strings the writers could pull to make tons of movies and spinoffs. Well, we know Disney they will one day remember this in their archive and do an animation one day or a tv series with it. Until then, Sky High is always a gem to see.


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