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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

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Captain America: The First Avenger


Chris Evans
Tommy Lee Jones
Hugo Weaving
Hayley Atwell
Sebastian Stan

Directed by Joe Johnston

Distributed by Paramount Pictures

This will definitely count as one of the favorites.

This movie is a nice way to recover from the bad taste in the mouth, left by The Green Lantern Movie.

Thorwas a master piece and this is just a wonderful follow up, well timed by marvel. This Drama intense movie is one for the record books when it comes to special effects, if you enjoyed the make-up and special effect of the movie ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button’, this World War II nostalgic movie will amaze you. We get to see Chris Evans shorter and skinny-er than we normally know him, making you love the wonders of science.

Using multiple shots and raised elevation and intense acting skills the director was able to make us watch and believe for not just a few scenes but for over 50mins in a small version of Chris Evans.

There was a little switch from the conventional story, there is a part where we get to see Captain America play a mascot for the government, this ran a while but not to worry, he soon returned back to the original story and started kicking ass.
Steve Rogers’s story starts in the early '40s during World War II, we see Steve repeatedly trying to join the Army but his size and ailments always gets him rejected.

He goes on a last night out with best friend and enlisted man Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), and gets in a scuffle where he refuses to back down even after being repeatedly knocked down; Bucky then comes to the rescue. Seeing he is the guy that takes a beating and keeps on ticking, Rogers decides to give it one more try and stops at a recruiting station.

His persistence beck-ring at the door of the recruiting station was noticed by, Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci), who's looking for recruits with a good heart, not just a meat brain with muscles.

Dr. Erskine was actually a scientist who once worked with the Nazi’s and his skills were ‘bring me a chump and I’ll make him super’, using his special solution.

Comic books really have a thing for scientist with special solutions and Captain America wasn’t left out. Erskine's first test of this secret formular was in his native Germany on the head of the Hydra division of Hitler's team of world dominion, which then resulted in a super-strong monster dubbed Red Skull (Hugo Weaving).

So as we all know what happens after some training and tests, Steve Rogers passes (of cause) and gets to be the guinea-pig of Erskine's new, improved formular, or if you prefer the term ‘secret formular’ and after some excruciating pain Steve Rogers steps out as Captain America.

I will also want to dip my hat for Chris Evans, for a wonderful performance and also to the director Joe Johnston, who pulled off a dramatic and action intensive movie that made the audience stay glued to the screen for the 175mins run of the movie.

I do advice you go watch this. Although it was set in the 1940s we still get to see, flying things shooting out funny-colory beams, and have a full taste of some new technologies courtesy of Hydra.
The movie ends with an idea of what is to come, The Avengers.

Winnie the Pooh (2011)

Winnie the Pooh (2011)


Directed by Stephen Anderson and Don Hall

Oh! Bother
The movie is over i wish it will just last longer.

This movie has the whole gang coming together we have:
Tiger, getting all bouncy
Rabbit, feeling all so sharp
Owl, talking too much as usual
Piglet, still timid as I left him
Kanga and Roo, all making sure I feel warm
Christopher Robin
And let’s not forget Winnie the Pooh

Finally 2D, Winnie the Pooh is back with the whole bunch, and they are packing a pot of honey.

This 2011 Disney animated musical comedy film inspired by the A. A. Milne stories of the same name. The movie is a reboot of Disney's Winnie the Pooh franchise and is the fifth theatrical Winnie the Pooh film released. It also features a rendition of the "Winnie the Pooh" theme song by actress and musician Zooey Deschanel.

This is the 51st animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series after Tangled.

Jim Cummings plays the voice acting of Pooh, hearing Pooh talk, brought back fond memories, making this almost moral free 65 mins adventure comedy, masterful and something for the family to enjoy.
Disney packaged this movie well, originally the film was supposed to feature five stories from the A. A. Milne books, but the final version ended up with three stories in such a way that makes you remember why they are good at what they do best.

For those who love watching the bear, they will find that Disney upped the excitement up a bit, just enough to makes this Pooh movie memorable.

The movie has Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Owl, Eeyore, Kanga, and Roo embark on a quest to save Christopher Robin from an imaginary culprit while Pooh deals with his usual insatiable hunger for honey.
The movie starts with Gloomy old Eeyore losing his tail. As we watch the gang search for a new tail for Eeyore they lead us into a twist to save Christopher Robin from the Backson monster, and we ended back where we started, finding Eeyore's, tail.

The only flaw in the movie is the music/soundtrack, It's way off.

This 2011 version has some differences to its 1977 version The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh; instead of using live-action book scenes, the book scenes are CGI animated.

This 30 million masterpiece has a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and makes you wonder why Disney wasted 200 million on CARS 2.

Make sure you watch this masterpiece.

Zookeeper (2011)

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Kevin James
Rosario Dawson
Leslie Bibb
Ken Jeong

Directed by Frank Coraci

Distributed by Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Columbia Pictures

Imagine watching a movie rated PG, and all through you kept thinking this movie must have been written by an 8 year old high on cheap drugs.
The film is produced by Sandler's production company, Happy Madison and if you are one of those people who have come to notice that lately Sandler’s films, are just lazy excuses to make money; with bad writing and flat characters what we get is a movie just running its time while you wait to leave.

Zookeeper is no change from the Happy Madison Genre, of bad writing, weak characters, and a sad excuse for comic entertainment. Except for the lead Kevin James who put his all into his acting, everyone else in the movie just tagged along for the ride.

Kevin the "King of queens" star who hit commercial success in the movie Paul Blart: The Mall Cop, found himself in a movie (which he wrote and produced mind you) lacking his talents for comedy. He did his best but it just seemed like he was in a world of his own and the movie was in a parallel universe.

The plot is about Griffin Keyes, who got dumped by his hot model girlfriend Stephanie (Leslie Bibb), for not being the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.
He latter meets her at his brother’s wedding years later and the old feeling came back. He starts to consider leaving the zoo to work for his brother so as to be the man Stephanie will want. The animals now decide its time they break their 'rule' of don’t talk to humans, so as to persuade Griffin to stay.

This is where the script writers (Nick Bakay, Rock Reuben & Kevin James) lost me, the animals that were trying to persuade Griffin to stay start to help so as to win his ex's heart, which was one of the reasons he wanted to live (he wanted to live and work for his bro to win her back, so they spoke to him so he can understand how much he means them and stay, then they turn around and help him in getting the girl).

Are u confused yet!

Because i was..., when the animals felt bad that he betrayed them when he finally succeeded to get Stephanie with their help and left.

With the aim of trying to be the kind of man Stephanie will want, the makers make us watch a movie where animals teach a man to walk like a bear, pee like a wolf to mark his territory, and taking advice from other animals like the lion, giraffe, elephant, and of cause the monkey who had the best suggestion.

He said throw your poop at her to get her attention.
That will work any day on any girl.

Finally after many failed attempts, the advice to behave as an alfa male finally got her.

Also to help him along in his quest, Kate (Rosario Dawson) who later falls for him and loves him just the way he is.


The review board that rated this movie need to be checked, because tagging a movie like this comedy doesn’t pan it at all, except for one or two laughs here and there the movie is as plane as any regular B-Movie thriller.

A movie has lost his appeal if after 10 minutes you know all to expect.

Kevin James can do better than this I advice him not to settle for less.