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Polite Society (2023)

Polite Society (2023)




Priya Kansara

Ritu Arya


Directed by Nida Manziir


The kind of people that will love this movie are people like me who enjoyed watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The movie has the Scott Pilgrim feel and I enjoyed how it never takes itself seriously. The movie thrives on blending Bollywood themes with British genetic humor to make you curious. The curiosity is heightened when you discover the societal background of these two misfit young sisters, their society is expecting them to be more and leave their passion behind. These young girls want nothing more than to pursue their passion and don’t mind being alienated from their society.

This is an action comedy movie, written and directed by Manziir in her first feature film directorial debut.

We have movies where people try to break-up another person’s wedding because you believe they are making a mistake and you have a better plan for their own future. This movie is similar with some Scott Pilgrim martial art thing thrown into the mix.

The movie introduces us to two sisters Ria and Lena who want to pursue their dreams. Ria wants to be a Stunt Woman and Lena wants to be an artist. Lena goes to Art school and later drops out and she spends her days at home, helping Ria make her videos as Ria dreams of one day working with her idol a Stunt woman called Eunice Huthart. Their parents who just want their girls to be receptionists or doctors, arranged for Lena to meet with a young doctor, who then proposes to Lena and an arranged marriage is in the works.

Ria is upset by this as she sees it as Lena throwing her dreams away, but Lena seems to be excited by the prospect of getting married.

Here is where you think the movie is going to follow some sort of My Best Friend’s Wedding path, then it takes a serious delve into a world of weirdness with some clones and ideal human specimen for some weird ass experiment.

It is a crazy film and fun to see. I enjoyed it and I think you will too, if you find the sort of things in Scott Pilgrim to be to your taste.

You will like the way the movie did not waste time delving into one of those let us smear the husband to be campaign. The way Ria’s friends backed out of her crazy plan, was not something I expected, but a change from something I would have thought the movie would have wasted so much time on. Then you will also enjoy the martial art effects, it was extreme for no apparent reason at all.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023)




Chris Pratt

Zoe Saldaña

Dave Bautista

Karen Gillan

Pom Klementieff

Vin Diesel

Bradley Cooper


Directed by James Gunn


There is a place for movies like this, it is not in the dept of the Captain Americas or Thors, just a family fun movie about a group of misfits trying to make it on their own in the world. I prefer the movies of this crew to what we get when we see the crew of Ant-Man movies.     

This is the final Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and they did well in putting full-stops to the stories. I do not think this movie plot is one of the finest we have seen in the MCU, in fact the movie plot falls in the line of what you will expect if you are watching a TV series.

This is the thirty-second movie in the MCU and it is the last flight we will see of the crew of the Guardians of the Galaxy together. We do not know the plans of the MCU concerning the future of this franchise, but many have signed off on making more movies concerning this franchise in the future.

The story and plot mean everything we saw concerning Rocket’s past in the Guardians of the Galaxy animation is null and void. Also, the movie falls in the line of the two movies before it (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania) never climbing as high as the ones before them.

The movie plot is about a new villain called High Evolutionary. He created Rocket and is obsessed with him. All his other creations and civilizations have not been able to meet up to the intellect displayed by Rocket. The worst part of this obsession is that Rocket has shown himself to be even more intelligent than the High Evolutionary. For this reason, he wants to catch Rocket, remove his brain to study it. By doing this he gets to fulfill his desires to know how come Rocket is so intelligent and to end his life.

High Evolutionary has created numerous races of intelligent beings and placed them on planets to study them. He taxed one of these races to capture Rocket, here is why Adam Warlock goes to the new home of the Guardians and tries to capture Rocket. He ended up injuring Rocket with a life-threatening shot before he ran away after getting hurt himself. The Guardians noticed they cannot heal him with their packs because there is kill switch written into his creation.

Nebula was able to extract information from Rocket’s robotic gear to know where he came from and who they must go meet (High Evolutionary) to get the code that is needed to save Rocket’s life.

As said above it is a good ending for the crew and not a bad movie to see at all.

The Portable Door (2023)

The Portable Door (2023)





Patrick Gibson

Sophie Wilde

Sam Neill

Christoph Waltz


Directed by Jeffrey Walker


You can tell when something is not well adapted. I have not read the book this movie is based on named J.W. Wells & Co. series – The Portable Door, but from the way the movie seems to just glaze over many things you can tell there’s just many things missing. Maybe the problem itself is from the book, I will not know because this movie was not inviting enough to make me want to read the book.

The movie failed in so many ways to align many of the things we are supposed to know from the odd narrations to the things we see. This lack of joining made this movie boring. Then the non-explanation of the magic system and a full view of the world in which this system dwells makes you guess why this is this and put two and two together yourself. In the end the movie did not bother to address these things, like the goblins, the difference between the lead’s powers and how come they have such powers (I am sure you may guess some humans do and others don’t) but it is glazed over, and we are left alone. I guess the movie makers were hoping this will generate many cravings to want to see a second part of this series. Instead, I found myself asking, what better things I could have done with my time instead of wasting it to see this movie.

To movie is about Paul Carpenter a man who is finding it hard to keep his life together. He goes for an interview and while on the queue to be received he is distracted by a man who claims to be his old teacher, then a dog and a run finds him in the J.W. Wells company sitting for an interview he did not know he was entered for.

He gets the job and soon finds out that the company functions behind the scenes of humans, we do not get to see glimpses of this, all we see is them making two people meet one another.

Paul is paired with Sophie who is a seer and can read people’s minds. Paul, we find out is a diviner who can find things or a way out of things.

The two are separated with Sophie being given other tasks while Paul is given a secret task to locate a Portable Door. We get to see how Sophie goes through a lot of personality change and Paul soon discover how to use his powers. Soon we discover a deep secret of the Wells and how everything we see is not as smooth sailing as they appear.

Simulant (2023)

Simulant (2023)




Robbie Amell

Jordana Brewster

Simu Liu

Sam Worthington


Directed by April Mullen


Have you seen any movie about the future of A.I. then you have seen this movie. This movie has nothing more to offer than what you have seen before. It borrows ideas from Blade Runner, Ex Machina, I Robot and Her. Then it just goes dull in its execution.

The movie does not even try to entertain, it is boring with no sense of urgency. It does not even try at all to make it all make sense, why all the running around and investigations were leading to. We know it is a rebellion, but ok. The lack of a well thought out cognitive threat or intent shows.

No direct point to a lot of things happening. I spend the whole time pinpointing where each of the things were copied from another movie.

The actors seem to be taken this movie seriously, but the writers showed little care for the copycat way this movie was made. I kept wondering why the director felt that each character must be linked, no matter how loosely the thread is.

The movie is about a future where people have humanoid simulator running around. As you can guess the simulators have rules to which they must follow, a directive which overrules every other directive. They are, they must obey humans and cannot hurt them. There is a taskforce set up to capture rogue humanoid who are living on their own with no human in control of them. It was in the decommission of one of such humanoid that Kessler noticed that the robot failed to follow orders. It also went far as to hurting him, breaking the rules.

He was able to capture her in the end using an emp blast, then the investigation begun unto how she was able to function independently and display emotions.

Somewhere else Faye has replaced her deceased husband with a humanoid, but she is having issues with the presence of this humanoid in her home. She is regretting getting this humanoid and is stuck not knowing what to do next.

The investigation of the rebel humanoid led the taskforce to the presence of Casey whom they suspect is the man behind all this rebel humanoid.

As I said, this movie is no good and it will be one of those ones that will go under the radar of many people because you will hardly see anyone talking about it. The idea that a theatrical release is in the works is very surprising to me, but I guess one way or another they need to re-coup the money wasted on this movie.

This is a hard miss if you want to maintain your sanity and not go rogue watching this bad copy of the best movies concerning an A.I. future, I advise you go see the ones listed above instead.