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Bridesmaid (2011)

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Bridesmaid (2011)


Kristen Wiig
Maya Rudolph
Melissa McCarthy

Directed by Paul Feig

Bridesmaid was a movie that made waves in 2011 when it came out, I didn’t see it then mainly because I considered the movie a chick flick. After seeing it now I have concluded, it is a chick flick.
It is a chick flick with a lot of entertainment. Bridesmaid is well scripted, well casted and there is no dull moment while watching. The movie deserved all the attention and accolades it gathered and I do hope they don’t make a part 2 and spoil it.

Nominated for both the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Melissa McCarthy and Best Original Screenplay, this romantic comedy had Paul Feig in the director’s corner and since this movie, I have seen him gone ahead to do two more movies with Melissa McCarthy (The Heat (2013)and Spy (2015)).

Bridesmaid was both serious and fun, and the incidents that occurred in the movie were so over the top, you wouldn’t even believe, such a thing crossed the mind of the writers. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo were the writers of this movie, and Wiig went on to star in the lead role as Annie.

The movie starts with a hilarious sex scene, one you have to see. It then further introduces the two best friends and we see how Annie balanced her life which is in shambles with her love and companionship with her friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph). Everything was crap, but great for Annie until Lillian told her she was getting married, as her boyfriend has popped the question and Annie was to be the chief bridesmaid.

Annie is supposed to be thrilled to the bone for her friend, but that wasn’t the case. For Annie, she and Lillian were single together. Now she is single alone and her friend is going to start life a new with her groom.

Things got worse when Annie met groom’s boss wife, Helen. Instant dislike and jealousy sprung up between the two as Annie found out Helen and Lilian has been spending a lot of time together, bonding.

This jealousy led to the series of events, which marred the bridal shower and if not nipped in the bud will ruin the wedding and Annie’s future happiness.

Bridesmaid is a good film, funny and thrilling. It was a critical acclaim movie and a major box office success. Word is out that there are plans for a part two and like I said above, I hope the plans never fall through, movie like this just need one part.

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Old School (2003)

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Old School (2003)


Luke Wilson
Vince Vaughn
Will Ferrell

Directed by Todd Philips

First I will like to say this, if anyone says you will not enjoy Old School there are lying, because I did and I know you will too. The movie had Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell at their best, the script was not flaky nor weak. It was just a bogus attempt to be real, an attempt I applaud.

I guess there are things you better leave to memory. In your head they remain something you worship, way back in 2003. Seeing Old School again, made me wonder what made me rate this movie so high in the first place, the movie did have the jokes, I enjoyed the script and Will Ferrell was funny back then, but the movie was not as great a comedy flick like I remembered.

I stand to say, I must have been naïve back then to have thought of this movie to be one of the funniest I have seen Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell or Luke Wilson in, but not withstanding the movie is good enough to be rated a 6/10. The movie had cool scenes, and it brings out the best in the actors.

For me Old School is about how 3 men facing midlife crises, handled their lives, so as not to self-destruct.
One of the men was Bernard (Vince Vaughn) and he is feeling trapped in his marriage, but wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his family or marriage. Another was Frank (Will Ferrell) and he just got married and couldn’t believe the amount of things he has to compromise to be married and remain married. The last man Mitch (Luke Wilson) got any early flight home to surprise his girlfriend whom he lives with, when he was surprised to find her involved with other people (emphasize on the “people”).

Mitch got an apartment near a campus, and Bernard decided to turn the apartment to a den where the guys can get away from their lives and be free. The whole idea and partying got the dean of the campus’ interest. The dean happened to be an old acquaintance of the trio whom they ridiculed in high school. He decided to make things difficult for the guys, forcing them to turn their den into a fraternity, and had to do everything to defend its existence and keep its members happy and fulfilled.

The movie was a box office success making more than 3 times its production cost and almost had a second part, but we were saved from seeing it by Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn declining to be in it. Here is an old movie I will say I saw and liked.

Bringing Up Baby (1938)

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Bringing Up Baby (1938)


Cary Grant
Katharine Hepburn

Directed by Howard Hawks

This movie is outstanding, I have to be honest if you have not seen this movie, you have to. This is the best Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant movie I have seen till date.

The first time I ran into a paleontologist was in Friends and in Friends Ross was just as scatted brain as Dr. David Huxley played by Cary Grant in this 1938 screwball comedy classic. Screwball, a genre which has the female lead dominate the male.
Their onscreen chemistry is magical, and the screenplay for the movie is not something you see every day. The lines are more than comical, they were hilarious. The moment the two leads start getting in each other’s way you wish they never stop.

As the movie progressed I was wondering if the script was going to have them married and then they would struggle raising a child. I was wrong, Baby actually is a 3 year old leopard that Susan’s brother sent her to watch for him.

The movie starts with an introduction to Dr. Huxley who is planning on getting married until his paths crossed with Susan Vance (Katharine Hepburn) on a golf course while he was meeting with a benefactor. After some series of events where Susan and David get to spend more time with each other, Susan took a liking into David, while David was ready to do anything to get away from her.

Susan’s decision to have David, takes this movie through series of turns and events as I laughed hard watching both of them getting into each other’s way.

For me the gem in this movie was Katharine Hepburn, I totally adored her in this movie and fell in love with her character immediately. You will too when you get to see and listen to the hilarious lines she had in the movie.

The movie production took too long to materialize mostly because Grant and Hepburn had to ad-libbed their dialogues, which made them laugh and struggle to get their lines right.
Bringing Up Baby was not much of a box office when it was released in 1938. But as the movie got re-released it became a success.

Furthermore the movie is ranked 88th on the AFI's 100 years... 100 movies (10th Anniversary Edition) and it is ranked 14th on the AFI's 100 years... 100 laugh. It is also ranked 51st on the AFI's 100 years... 100 Passions list.

What a wonderful movie, one you will enjoy seeing and keeping.