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IT (2017)

IT (2017)


Jaeden Lieberher
Bill Skarsgård
Wyatt Oleff
Jeremy Ray Taylor
Sophia Lillis

Directed by Andy Muschietti

If like me you were old enough to have seen the 1990 TV Miniseries IT at the time of its release your expectation of this movie will be high. I recall how much I loved Tim Curry’s performance in the old IT and I was so worried that they will make a mess of this remake.
I give kudos to the writers and the studio who decided to do a remake twenty-seven (27) years after the awesome 1990 miniseries, which goes in accordance with the novel’s tale of Pennywise who comes to hunt the town of Derry, Maine every twenty-seven (27) years. Pennywise main dish is children which he scares before he eats them.

The movie is based on a 1986 horror novel by Stephen King of the same name. IT was his 22nd book and 18th novel, the plot focuses on the Town of Derry, were the local kids are disappearing mysteriously one by one and leaving behind bloody remains.

A group of bullied kids were united by their horrifying and strange encounters which they encounter from a shapeshifting demon, taking the appearance of clown and terrorizing the children using their fear and paranoia. The children then decide to face their fear head on and take down the clown, but are they ready to face their fears? That was the question you will see answered when you watch this movie.

When watching this movie what gets you so ecstatically is when the children gets separated to be hunted by Pennywise. During such scenes, he preys on their fears and the visual effects of their fears gets you all freaked. Lastly, these individual points leave you wondering what the final outcome will be and wishing so much that death will not be that outcome for the individual members of The Losers Group.


This IT was played by Bill Skarsgård, a swedish actor. It was not his scary performance that gets me to love this movie, it is the visual effects of his character and the children’s phobias that will freak you out to the very bone.
I do not remember the 1990 miniseries being half as scary or thrilling as this, neither do I recall the visual effects being so compelling, here in this version their plan was to make sure you are glued by the thrills of the movie and scared by the events.

This movie has been rated as the best adaption of any of Stephen King’s books, and it has been racking in cash from the box-office on the regular and setting new records.
You have to go see this movie in preparation of the sequel that is set to be released in 2019.