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Spectral (2016)

Spectral (2016)


James Badge Dale
Emily Mortimer
Max Martini

Directed by Nic Mathieu

Spectral is a movie that just swings high with a bad ass dude with Iron Man level brain, who can make weapons out of scrap parts. This Sci-Fi movie is about a U.S. war in Moldova, when the U.S soldiers are being massacred by something invisible to the naked eye.

The production budget for this film has to be massive because of the scenery, artillery and costumes on display. The acting is top notch on every side and the movie seems to be set in an altered present where human tech is on a high level. You may need to brush up your Einstein for this one, because in between all the jargon there are some elements of truth.
Do not get carried away thinking about aliens when watching this film, this is a spoiler it is not aliens it is something more creative than that. The writers were not trying to get away easy on this one.

The movie plot starts when we see some American soldiers getting killed by what looked like a ghost. They can’t see these things with their naked eyes, but when they adjust the settings of their googles on their helmet, they see these ghosts.

These ghosts are highly dangerous, when they contact human body, the human’s organs are frozen stiff and their outer body is burnt and definitely they die instantly.
These ghosts can go through walls, jump very far and seem to be able to cause damage on even movable items.

They call in the expert, the man who created the googles, Dr. Mark Clyne (James Badge Dale) to come to Moldova and see if he can explain what the men are seeing before they die.
While the American government thinks the Moldova’s have developed a new form of camouflage suit and they wanted it.

The whole challenge in this movie was stopping these things and Clyne was bent to find where they were coming from. With him is Fran (Emily Mortimer) a CIA agent who was sent to get the technology so the Americans can adapt it and use it.
So, like everyone will think, the best way to catch something that looks human is, pack a bunch of soldiers to try and catch one of these things that look like ghosts. You will be surprised how weird people are when they see their colleagues die, by something invisible to the naked eye and cannot be stopped by bullets. You will expect their common sense to say, run.

The movie is fun and is worth the time.

Child’s Play (2019)

Child’s Play (2019)


Aubrey Plaza
Gabriel Bateman
Brian Tyree Henry
Mark Hamill (voice of Chucky)

Directed by Lars Klevberg

The new Child’s Play reboot is cool after a patient wait to see Chucky go rogue. It does start small and we get to see Chucky build his way from killing a cat, to all round massacre. The movie may have been fun to watch and to see a change in the plot and the origin of Chucky, but you just wish the made the movie creepier from the early stages. It took a while before Chucky gets obsessed in the way he was handling his obstacles to Andy. Then somehow even Andy became an obstacle in the end, to Chucky trying to please Andy.
I did enjoy seeing this movie and for those who loved the old franchise you will enjoy seeing the movie too. Yes, you may miss the idea of a serial killer’s soul possessing a doll, but I felt they over flogged that horse until there was nothing left. Both the creator Don Mancini (who has been involved in all the old Child's Play movies) and the voice actor Brad Dourif, who has been the voice of Chucky for all seven movies are not in any way involved in this movie.
Mark Hamill was the voice of Chucky in this movie and he was magnificent.

The changes here are obvious from the get go, instead of a Good Guy Doll we have a Buddi doll instead. We know the Good Guy Doll was just a doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer making it kill. Here the Buddi doll is a broken toy which glitched its way into a serial killing doll.
In the factory where these dolls are being made an employee wanted to get even with the company that made the dolls/line manager. He decided that the best way to do this was to remove all the safety features on the Buddi doll before shipping it out.
This caused the doll to malfunction and when it was bought – it was returned to the store where it was gotten from, because it glitched a lot. The store clerk that received this broken doll was Andy’s mom. She decided to keep the doll instead and give it to her son.
She is a single mom, trying hard to make things work for her and her son so getting this doll free was a great deal for her. Andy immediately noticed that something was wrong with Chucky, and when Chucky tried to strangle their cat for scratching Andy. Andy told it not to do that again.
Chucky always wanted to play, but Andy has made new friends and Chucky did not like that. The doll decided to make Andy happy by getting rid of anyone or doing what it believes will make Andy happy and be his best friend only.

The movie ends by making sure there is a room for a sequel, but with the slow start at the box-office, it must make a huge splash overseas to see this happen.

Sky High (2005)

Sky High (2005)


Kelly Preston
Michael Angarano
Danielle Panabaker
Kurt Russell

Directed by Mike Mitchell

If you have not been blessed to see Sky High, I beg that you do.
The movie is not spectacular, nor is some amazing stuff I need you to see, but the idea of superheroes having superhero school, great. Then we have heroes getting married and having super kids, just cool and they go to superhero school, ah!!! You have to see it.
It reminds me of something we all love, The Incredibles (2004) and Incredibles 2 (2018).
This movie was done after The Incredibles (2004) and both are from the mouse house (Disney). The movie, plays with many dynamics and it flaunts girl power way back in 2005. We have a character named Layla who is all about girl power, vegetarianism and a pacifist.
Then we have Will, the son of the superhero duo The Commander and Jetstream. Will is something of a regular guy who is lying to his parents about his ability so they can be proud. The only person who knows Will’s true power ability is his best friend Layla.

It is time for Will to go to high school and children of heroes go to a special high school hiding in the sky called, Sky High. It is there that the children are grouped by the powers into Hero or Sidekick.
It was at this point we learned of Will’s super powers, he hasn’t gotten any.
Even though his parents are the most popular heroes in the world, their son has no powers. He is relegated to sidekick duty and so is his best friend Layla.
He also has eyes for a young lady in his school, Gwen.
Not to steal the whole movie, things did not go as Will would have planned his life in high school as a side kick. When he was being attacked by an archenemy that he did not know he has, Will had to develop quickly in order to protect himself.
Will made friends with the side kicks and as the movie develops, we see him ruin it and also put on the line his relationship with his best friend and we get to see Daddy’s demons come back knocking.
Sky High is a cool film and it is a huge surprise that the movie did not spawn a sequel. It seems there was so many strings the writers could pull to make tons of movies and spinoffs. Well, we know Disney they will one day remember this in their archive and do an animation one day or a tv series with it. Until then, Sky High is always a gem to see.

Toy Story 4 (2019)

Toy Story 4 (2019)


Starring the voices of
Tom Hanks
Tim Allen
Annie Potts
Tony Hale

Directed by Josh Cooley

This animation is just amazing and all I felt throughout watching this animation is just some deep level of nostalgia. It is funny, interesting and very thrilling. The whole focus on Woody at first felt like the animation was getting derailed, then the introduction of Forky and the moment we get to see Bo Peep, I was just captivated and didn’t want the reunion between Woody and Bo to end.
The movie plays hard on the idea that it has set from the first Toy Story (1995), toys have one focus to get played with and to give joy. I felt though that they dumbed down Buzz Lightyear’s intelligence a little, just to add some jokes. This was not the same Buzz we saw in Toy Story 2 (1999) or Toy Story 3 (2010). And like the previous movies before this, the ending of this movie just set’s itself up on a new dimension. You never see it coming, and when it hits you, the emotions make you wish, “it ain’t so.”
But the way the animation is always written that Woody finds a way to take care of his crew and also his kid is something I never get tired of seeing.

Toy Story 4 is a computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. It is the fourth instalment in Pixar's Toy Story series, and their twenty-first full length production for Disney.

It follows the tales of Woody after the story of Toy story 3 (2010). We get to face something that we witnessed in the first Toy Story – Woody being left out of playtime. Woody is more matured about this and handles it just a little better than he did the first time around.

Bonnie is starting kindergarten and Woody decided to tag along, by sneaking into Bonnie’s bag. There in school, he (without her knowledge) helped her by giving her the materials needed to make Forky. Bonnie loved her new toy, Forky, who at the moment was suffering from existential crisis. Forky so much wants to go back to the way he was, and Woody was hellbent to make sure that Bonnie will be happy. She seems to have found love in Forky and Woody was willing to do anything to make sure she is never sad again.

The whole movie is the length Woody was willing to go for Forky.

The Toy Story franchise has been a financial juggernaut for Disney and each time a new animation film is released it tops the weekend and does better than the previous that weekend. The story grows with the time is what I enjoy. We see Andy grow to an adult, and now we see Bonnie get into kindergarten.
I do not know if Disney will like to make a Toy Story 5, but if they decide to, I will be watching. Here is an animation that has found a way to entertain at every turn.
Take time to go see this movie with the family.

Men In Black: International (2019)

Men In Black: International (2019)


Chris Hemsworth
Tessa Thompson

Directed by F Gary Gary

Great chemistry. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson did a movie that just had that, great chemistryand cool special effects. The movie just plays on what both of them already had when we saw them play Thor and Valkryie in MCU’s Thor: Ragnarok (2017).
The sad thing about this movie though is that it was a drag. It was just missing its step along the way of a tale we so much enjoyed when we first watched Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) in the black suit saving the world. This here MIB tries to play on that, in the first Men in Black (1997) Agent K was showing Agent J (the rookie) the ropes. Here it is something similar, but with Agent M (Tessa Thompson) being the rookie who seems more grounded and Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) being the veteran who has lost his way.

We first see Agent H and High T go against the Hive in Paris. We later get to know that they won that battle, propelling H and T to superstar status in the MIB realm of things.
More than twenty years before this a little girl named Molly witnessed the MIB use neuralysation on her parents making them forget the alien that was in their house. Molly, helped the alien escape. From then on Molly has been obsessed with finding these people in black suits.
She has her life put on pause, doing work that makes it easier for her to track anything resembling alien presence so she can investigate. Well, such an incident happened and she used that opportunity to infiltrate the MIB, but gets caught.

Note, she has done something no one has ever done, locate the MIB base and even get in the front door. So, when she was being interrogated by Agent O she passed and joined the team on probation. O sends her to High T’s branch in London. There she partners with H to protect Vungus an alien royal family, who also happens to be H’s friend.
Things got ugly fast, when Vungus was murdered, but not before informing Agent M (while he slips something to her for safe keeping) that there is something wrong about H.
The two identify the culprits and tried to apprehend them and fail. Things got tricky when it was discovered that Vungus gave M a device and she has failed to tell anyone about it. Agent C, decided to investigate, with T’s approval.

The movie had its funny moments especially when both our leads had to battle his (Agent H) former love. From that moment on the movie was fun to watch – with thrills and suspense, but you have to wait for eighty minutes to get to this part. Then the movie decided to have a cheesy anticlimactic ending.
The odd thing about this movie, is that I feel it will end up being one of those movies we will probably enjoy some time later. At this time the movie has been a commercial loss and all hope of rebooting this franchise kind of died here or else the studio has some trick up their sleeves to turn a profit on this movie, this will be the last MIB we will see in a while.

Murder Mystery (2019)

Murder Mystery (2019)


Adam Sandler
Jennifer Aniston
Luke Evans

Directed by Kyle Newacheck

I cannot remember the last time I watched an Adam Sandler movie and I was laughing and interested to see the way it will end. I would not have even watched this movie if Jennifer Aniston was not in it. I felt she had the Midas touch that was lacking in the Sandler movies and I was right. Murder Mystery is a movie that takes its cue from some old time Agatha Christie kind of thing for the first thirty-five minutes, with Aniston delivering on the comedy. After that, the movie got a little too serious for its own good, but still had me glued.
The last Adam Sandler movie I saw by year was done in 2012 and for seven years until now I have avoided him in any starring role like a plague until now.

This movie is about lies and mystery. Sandler is not trying anything here to be funny, Aniston did the heavy lifting and she did it so well. Memorable actors, sweet dialogue and a fun time, with the below plot which starts with Nick Spitz (Adam Sandler).
Nick has just failed his detective test again for the third time. He felt so bad about it and lied to his wife Audrey (Jennifer Aniston) about it. He further lied that he got a raise and that he has been planning a honeymoon for him and her.
This lie led him to fly them both to Europe where they meet Charles Cavendish, an aristocrat (Luke Evans). Charles ended up inviting them both to come with him on a yacht.

On the yacht they meet Charles family which has a weird connection with his billionaire uncle Malcom.
·         Charles ex Suzi, is now marrying his uncle, Malcom.
·         His uncle’s son Tobey, is a nobody who just wants to inherit daddy’s money.
·         Then we have a colonel who saved Malcom’s life when they were younger, by saving him from a bomb.
·         Juan Carlos, a race car driver and god son to Malcom.
·         Grace an actress
·         Lastly, Sergei the colonel’s bodyguard
All these people were present when Malcom disowned them all from his will and willed everything to Suzi. He was about to sign the will when he was murdered.
You will think things will focus on that, giving us a movie about Nick and Audrey (an addict for crime novels) solving a murder on the high seas. That did not happen, they docked and more people get murdered as the movie progresses, making Nick and Audrey the prime suspects.

The movie was released on Netflix and it is doing well, setting a record as the biggest opening weekend as at June 2019.

See You Yesterday (2019)

See You Yesterday (2019)


Eden Duncan-Smith
Danté Crichlow

Directed by Stefon Bristol

The movie is the typical, predictable time travel problem meets black lives matter. We also get to see Michael J. Fox do a cameo and say, “Great Scott!”
Do you remember any time travel movie you have seen? Now try and remember the one problem they all have in common. When you try to change something in the past to get a future you want, it always comes with a baggage.

You can tell that this film is a low budget black film, trying out things in the science friction genre. I liked the way the director and co-writer Stefon Bristol found a way to keep me wanting to see how the movie ended. Then, I did not like the end where our lead is just lost in her desire to get a perfect ending.
Many words in this here film. Science words or muddled together to what made sense in the world crated for this film. Add to that many science circuitries with 80s special effects, then the actors acting all needed some touch, and you have See You Yesterday.

The movie plot is about a teenager named C.J and her best friend Sebastian. Both are into time travel and have been working on making it happen for I want to believe years. Taking things from their school lab and making many other things at home, they were able to create a backpack of some sort that they use to time travel.
They decided to give it a test drive and witnessed first-hand the result of what happens when you interfere with an incident in the past.
You will think this lesson will deter them from trying it again, but when C.J lost someone due to police shooting a black person with no probable cause, C.J. was hell bent to save that person’s life.
The challenge is each time she tries, she gets a new outcome which does not give her the present she wants.

Now the movie has many plot holes with the whole time travel thing, much of which are similar to the same things we see when we watch other movies trying to make the same thing happen.
So, if you got the time – you can catch this movie on Netflix. You will enjoy the look and idea that the movie is trying to pass across.
Then there is the lesson we have all come to learn from time travel being repeated here, time travel is a power that just doesn’t get things right in the end without repercussions.

iBoy (2017)

iBoy (2017)


Bill Milner
Maisie Williams

Directed by Adam Randall

Rape is not an issue someone should take likely. This movie using it as the main angle to which the whole film develops, did not sit well with me. In the idea of making a revenge film about a boy who got shot in the head and turned to some kind of mutant, the makers of this film decided to localize his view. He lives in the dark path of gang filled London, and his actions are similar to that of someone whose view are limited to his surroundings. That is an A+ to the concept, but the execution is a D.
This movie is just painfully annoying and stupid. Our guy gets shot while trying to make a phone call and some part of the phone gets stuck in his head. Now his brain gets fused with the phone’s CPU and our man becomes a hybrid – he becomes a working human/computer.
Now, that’s just putting it mildly, he became so advanced as the movie progresses that anything that has any form of electrical wiring he could control. Then he stepped up a notch again, being able to control the electromagnetic waves around. His entire view can become digitalized if he wishes and even though it may sound cool, this was just over the top silly.

The movie is based on a book of the same name by Kevin Brooks. Our hero (Bill Milner) goes to school with the lady of his dreams Lucy (Maisie Williams). He is head over heels for her and one day she tells him to come over to give him some tutoring. On his way to her place, he witnesses some men coming out of her apartment (apparently after raping Lucy). He picks his phone and starts dialing the cops when he gets shot in the head. Pieces of the phone CPU gets into his head and fuses with his brain. Now he has developed some extraordinary skills, and the movie is hell bent on him trying to get revenge on what was done to Lucy.

The argument you may have is, if Marvel and D.C. can make their movies about weird incidents giving people super powers why can’t anybody?
True, why can’t anybody? Well other people have made Sci-Fi movies with people having abilities beyond normal human comprehension. We have seen the Unbreakable series (Bruce Willis), Chronicle (2012), Matrix (series), Sky High (2005), recently John Wick (that character is not normal), Just to mention a few. Whether you will like to admit it or not, there have been movies about humans with great abilities done better than this.
The acting in this movie may have been well done, but the story was too easy and the plot was just another superhero movie missing the mark.

I Am Mother (2019)

I Am Mother (2019)


Clara Rugaard
Rose Byrne (voice of mother)
Hilary Swank

Directed by Grant Sputore

I Am Mother is an interesting Sci-Fi thriller flick that twist and turns on you the viewer so that in the end you are left wondering what the big picture is here.
The movie is a catalog of controversies. Which you will like to run with as the movie progresses is not an easy choice. Even when the movie ends, it does so by planting the thought that there is still more about the tale that the movie is not telling.
Seeing Hilary Swank was a breath of fresh air, her face is one that is stuck in my mind when you have to mention magnificent performers. The movie only has three humans present, so that is something you have to have in mind if you sit to watch the movie.
We spend the first half of the movie watching Mother (a Maternal Robot) raising a girl, teaching and nurturing as she grows over the years to an intelligent young lady (Clara Rugaard). Half way into the movie, we get to meet another human, a Woman (Hilary Swank). The last human we meet in the film was a baby.

Here goes the plot. In the distant future, humans have made a mess of the earth and have become their own worst enemy. There was a contingency plan for such an instant, they created an AI whose job is to repopulate the earth, when humans wipe themselves out. With this AI is many fertilized embryos waiting to be brought to life.

The movie starts at a point in time where the AI countdowns to human extinction and kicks off the process and brings to life a girl. A girl who all through this movie we call Daughter.
Daughter grows up to be a nice young lady and all she knows is that the robot with her is her mother, who has informed her that there is no life outside the bunker they are living in.
She is told the atmosphere is polluted and going outside can risk the life of Daughter. Daughter believes this, but still wonders. One day something Daughter did not expect happens, a woman comes knocking on their bunker, one night when she was having trouble sleeping and was considering breaking the rules.
Daughter is for the first time facing a challenge that is beyond her teachings by Mother, what is she to do when another fellow human needs assistance. Also, this is the first human Daughter is seeing and the only other person she has engaged in conversation with other than Mother. Daughter’s instincts kicks in and offers help to the woman, an act she well knows that Mother will not allow, if Mother was the first to see the Woman and not her.

The movie is very captivating and it grows on you and you will not notice the time pass by as you watch. The movie is not perfect, there are times when I feel the writers got so involved in their mystery that they forget that movies such as this needs to have a clear path to keep you entertained. The acting in this movie is top notch and the director had a firm grip on where he wanted this movie to go. Here is a fine film to see on Netflix any day.

Anna (2019)

Anna (2019)


Sasha Luss
Luke Evans
Cillian Murphy
Helen Mirren

Directed by Luc Beeson

Anna is a spy film with no thrills and a tiresome plot.
Watching Anna reminds you of another of Luc Beeson’s movie Lucy (2014), the only sad thing here is that, Lucy was fun. In Lucy the action was fast flowing, strong and very engaging. The plot was not complex, but simple with well-choreographed fight scenes.
What’s there to like about Anna?
Is it the very boring and bland plot, or the action scenes that were missing the main ingredient of every action scene engaging and heart racing? If you have seen the trailer and expect something cool like me, get ready to be disappointed
Here is a movie about a KGB agent trying to get out and instead of us getting a Hanna (2011) focused kind of lady when it comes to getting what she wants, we get Anna. Anna is our female badass whose time in this movie has been more devoted in choreographing unneeded sex scenes, than putting together a good plot.
Another annoying thing about this movie is that it is too long a drag.

The movie plot is about Anna’s life, which is a conspiracy waiting to happen, a feel you get when things start to develop. Although when the conspiracy does happen you are left wondering, why you invested this much time to see this happen anyway?
Anna has had a dark past, which led her to be recruited into the KGB. There she is assigned to work as a model and carryout many high-profile killings, using her pretty face.
Her handler Alex has a desire to head the KGB, a dark desire we do not know about until Anna got herself into trouble with the CIA and was given the task to kill the KGB head. Alex finds this out and believes this will open doors for him to get to where he desires. The undertone in this movie is Anna herself wants out of the KGB, she wants to get the various tasks done and be free, a promise the head of the KGB has promised and also the CIA who wants her help.

I have seen better spy films and I wish to forget that I saw this one. The movie is not doing well in the box office and after the time I have spent seeing it I can understand why. I expected better from Luc Beeson, but every good movie maker, gets their bad days. Anna is Beeson’s and I hope the next movies from him live up to the height he has set for himself as a movie maker.

Child’s Play 2 (1990)

Child’s Play 2 (1990)


Brad Dourif as voice of Chucky
Alex Vincent
Jenny Agutter
Gerrit Graham

Directed by John Lafia

Here is my problem with Child’s Play 2 – Chucky’s ability to over power people.
He is not sneaking up on them to slice them up, nope he just has this ability to over power them. If you can recall, Chucky is a doll and a doll with such ability is so unreal and just made everyone in the movie look stupid and dumb.

How was he able to tie Andy to the bed? He tied the boy’s both legs and hands and gagged him too. Then he was able to tie another man, in his car both hands. He seems not just to have extra ordinary strength, but could have also extra hands.

Then comes continuity, if you have seen the rest of the Child’s Play movies you will notices that everything that this movie is about, is absolute nonsense. The whole time is running out for him to do the transfer to another body, didn’t apply in all the movies the followed. It was not even mentioned.

This second movie in the franchise may not have been the worst, but it was just plain dumb. Yeah, it didn’t have the dark humor all plastered over the screen like the others, or it did and I substituted it for stupidity. Also, it didn't bother to make any sense of the things happening on screen either.

The plot follows the events of the first film. The company that made the Good Guy doll took the doll Chucky possessed and brought brought it back to their factory. Chucky was badly burnt by Andy in the first film. They were trying to find out what went wrong with that doll so as to wrap up an ongoing investigation.

When the doll was being repaired, some electrical energy from the voodoo I guess, fried the men working on the doll.

The now repaired doll, begins a what looked like an impossible task. Finding Andy in the now child services system. Andy’s mother was just mentioned briefly as being institutionalized which is just sad and very annoying.
Andy is in the system, Chucky called and asked for his whereabouts, and he was given. I do not live in America, but if it is just that easy to find someone then that system is broken. He locates him and in the house Andy was being fostered was already a Good Guy doll, so he destroyed that doll and buried it, so as to take its place.

Now Chucky is in the house with Andy and immediately things started to go from weird to tragic really fast.

After completing my run of all the movies, only the first film is worth the whole aggravation, the rest are just plain dull.

Three Men and a Little Lady (1990)

Three Men and a Little Lady (1990)


Tom Selleck
Steve Guttenberg
Ted Danson
Nancy Travis

Directed by Emile Ardolino

After the success of the first film, you cannot expect the movie studio not to try and make a second part and cash in on the money that movie goers will part with to see the trio and Mary again. The sad thing is, this movie was not anywhere close to the first movie and lacked the needed push to make this film enjoyable.
The movie plot failed it again in this second part, with making Mary’s mum (Sylvia) husband to be the villain, was just cheesy.

Everything went down from then on, it was like you are watching three movies. The first half of the movie is Three Men and a Baby with Sylvia. Mary now grown and all fun to see how children adapt to life in this weird living conditions. She is living with three men and her mother.
Then the movie drops all the fun for the second part, trying to get Sylvia to get a life, her own man and home since the man she fancied (not Jack) Peter, was being elusive.
The last part of the movie, was all about Peter and his intent to get Sylvia.

So something like two thirds of the movie, had little to do with the remaining two leads from the first film Guttenberg and Danson. That means the magical chemistry between these three was gone. It was that Chemistry that made the first film good, now all we are left with is a romantic comedy, with a bad plot.

As already shared above, the three men and Sylvia were now living together with Mary. A very weird arrangement indeed.
Mary was getting all the love and support she needed so things were fine. Until Sylvia wanted more for herself and Mary. She decided to marry a man who although wealthy and seemed stable, everyone knew was bad for her long term happiness.

So now that she is in this relationship, it seems there is nothing the guys could do. Things got worse when they found out that the man lived in England and wanted Sylvia and Mary to come live there with him and his family.
Now the gang decided to do all they can to mar the marriage plans and see if they can bring together the two people they believe were meant for each other. Which strangely you will expect in this sort of situation to be Jack and Sylvia, but it is Peter and Sylvia.

The movie was a mistake from my view.
Disney is planning a remake for their new streaming channel Disney+. I hope it goes back to the root of what made the first film a memorable one.

Three Men and a Baby (1987)

Three Men and a Baby (1987)


Tom Selleck
Steve Guttenberg
Ted Danson

Directed by Leonard Nimoy

They do not come any lighter and sweeter than Three Men and a Baby. Here is a cast of three men who get a surprise when two of them work up and found a baby on the floor in front of their door belonging to the third, who was away acting in a movie.
The movie is a diamond, it has a comedy thrill because of the three leads. It is the thrill you do not get regularly and it did not play that magic you see on T.V. when people who are not caught out to be parents, magically figure it out and become great at it.
These guys at the beginning could not get things right and even though they did figure it out in the end on how to manage things, it still made their lives a living hell as we see them struggle to balance things.

Let me continue the plot from where I stopped above. The three men in question are Peter (Tom Selleck), Michael (Steve Guttenberg) and Jack (Ten Danson). Jack was the one who went away on an acting gig. Peter and Michael were the ones who found the baby in front of their apartment door where the three lived together.

Apparently, the child belonged to a lady which Jack had worked with before. She thought she could care for the child on her own, but the pressure of motherhood made her abandon her baby on the father’s door step with a note of her name (Mary) and the father.
The men immediately took responsibility of the child, but could not reach Jack because he was in another country.

Jack had told the other two to expect a package that will be sent for him and they are to leave the package anywhere until someone comes for it.
Unknown to Jack (who was receiving this package for a friend) the package content had something the police were looking for and had traced it to their apartment when it was delivered.

The two think the baby is the package, and could not wait to get rid of her as she was a pain and disrupted their lives. How things turned on their heads, is what this movie is all about.

The movie is based on the 1985 French film Trois hommes et un couffin (Three Men and a Cradle). I have not seen that one so it will be hard to say which was better. The only down side to this movie is the script. It seemed to dangle weird circumstances for the movie to play out, and it was only the comedy and strength of the actors that made this movie what it was.

There is a chemistry between everyone in the movie, from the villains to Jack’s mum and even the nice old lady living next door. As long as the actor had more than one scene in the movie they made the best of it to make each moment memorable and themselves just exquisite to behold.

Nice movie, which then had a sequel Three Men and a Little Lady (1990) which was not up to the level of this one here.