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The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)



Matthew McConaughey

Marisa Tomei

Ryan Phillippe

Josh Lucas

John Leguizamo


Directed by Brad Furman


The movie is based on a 2005 novel of the same name by Michael Connelly.

The movie idea is the world is full of crazies and The Lincoln Lawyer is a movie about what happens when one of them has a hard on for you. The movie takes pride in letting you know from the start that there is something up. It drops hints about how things are not first adding up, then it drops the bombshell – Mickey’s (Matthew McConaughey) client Louis (Ryan Phillippe) is not innocent. Now reading this and seeing who Mickey was doesn’t change anything you will think. Mickey is a lawyer who does most of his work in his black Lincoln Town Car. His clientele covers everyone from the guilty to the innocent, you will feel this was in his alley. But the twist here is, Louis is not guilty of a crime like drugs, theft or things like that. Louis is guilty of attempted sexual assault, assault with a deadly weapon and beating a woman so bad the picture is scary.

Louis being guilty is not just the problem here, we find out that Louis picked Mickey to be his lawyer, for one reason only. Mickey unknowingly helped him get away with doing this same crime once before, by getting the person he defended to plead guilty to the crime. Louis is getting his kinks off watching the system twirl in his hands and playing the game just right so he can get off.

The movie is fantastic to watch, as we see how the knowledge of knowing he sent an innocent man to jail is eating at Mickey and he wanting to do right by that man by getting him out of jail. The problem is he is Louis’ lawyer and everything he knows is protected under the attorney-client privilege. He cannot disclose anything he knows even though he dug deeper to discover how guilty Louis really is. Things take a turn when we realise how far Louis is willing to go to get free and does not care who he hurts to get there.

McConaughey’s acting and in this movie leads the pack to the way this movie will forever be seen. The Lincoln Lawyer is a courtroom thriller with nothing much in the area of suspense. The movie bares it all in the beginning, but thrilling to see is how Mickey was going to find a way to twist himself out of the whole problem he finds himself.

Nobody (2021)

Nobody (2021)



Bob Odenkirk

Connie Nielsen

Aleksei Serebryakov



Directed by Ilya Naishuller


This movie decided from the start that it will not be predictable. Nobody doesn't try to do anything new, just to make us know that Bob Odenkirk can be a versatile actor. And even though he does not look it, he can be an action star.

Love is the word I will use to describe the way the movie started. It started by showing us the endless circle of working. It creates in you a numbness when all you do is go to work, come home eat sleep, to wake up and do it all again. This is the life of many. It happens daily all through the year, until they break the cycle and do something so you do not end up being numb for all your life. Then this numbness creates fear and sometimes that can be a problem. The fear our character Hutch had was not fear for his life after his house was burgled, but fear that he was not doing enough to protect the ones he loved.

The movie takes a dump on Hutch (Odenkirk) who decided not to take a swing at a burglar and was getting a lot of lip for it. From his son who had taking down one of the burglars and all Hutch had to do was hit the other with a golf club and that will be that. Lip from his brother-in-law, neighbor and he even feared his wife had looked at him different. We later on find out why Hutch had not taking a swing on the burglars, but still the fear of not doing enough was eating at him. He let it go, but his switch was flicked when he discovered that the burglars had taken his daughter’s cat bracelet.

Then using skills, he acquired when he served, he decided to hunt down the burglars. This is when the movie takes a Liam Neeson’s Taken feel. After he has gotten the satisfaction of getting the burglars. He was just about looking for someone to just mess with him and he so wanted to right the numerous wrongs of life. The movie takes a sharp action turn at just thirty minutes in, leaving you to wonder what will happen in the remaining hour. Hutch decided to take down five guys, muscular men who wanted to hurt a lady. He beat the five really badly, as in really badly and it so happens one of them is the brother of one bad ass Russian, and Hutch dropped his card during the fight (mistakenly), now the bad guys are after him now. Then the movie switched from Taken to John Wick in just fifteen minutes. When the bad guys decided to corner him, we find out that all Hutch’s family are bad asses and then the movie then switched to a Rambo: First Blood feel.

Enough said, this is a great movie to see. So please go and see it.

Concrete Cowboy (2020)

Concrete Cowboy (2020)





Idris Elba

Caleb McLaughlin

Jharrel Jerome

Byron Bowers


Directed by Ricky Staub


The movie deals with an aspect of the black American life that is not well known, here we are looking at black people running stables. They are caring for horses and training them at Philadelphia. The movie itself is set based on true events, while the story attached is based on a novel which fictionalized the black neighborhood of horse riders.

With powerful acting from all involved the case of a father and son trying to form a bond after years long of separation is what this movie deals with. The novel is Ghetto Cowboy by Greg Neri.

This western drama is about how a father had to give up raising his son, with the hope that the son will grow up strong, independent and well-off without him having an impact. As you could guess that did not happen. Harp (Idris Elba) had to face his fifteen-year-old son (Cole played by Caleb McLaughlin) and they had to work through things together. While Cole has to learn to grow up fast because his mother is not around to pick him up when he messes up.

Cole grew up with his mother in Detroit and has been a handful for her, getting into trouble and was facing expulsion for fighting in school, again. She being fed up called Harp that he is bringing their son to him, as she was fed up trying to turn him to a better person.

She takes him to Philadelphia to be with a father he never knew. First day was not going well with Cole leaving home trying to get back to Detroit when he met someone called Smush who knew him when he was still a child. When Smush takes him home, Harp comes out with his clothes and throws it at him in front of Smush telling him, if he wants to hang with Smush then he cannot live in his house. Cole leaves with his clothes and goes about knocking on the door of old faces. The two places he went he could not get a place to stay, so he breaks into the stables of one of his father’s neighbors and sleeps in one of the stalls with one of the horses.

When the owner of the stable woke up and sees him cuddle up near her horse which they have been trying to break, she wakes him. She then tells him that the horse now belongs to him, which annoyed him because he did not want to have anything to do with all this riders and stables. He made up with his father and we watch as he bonded with the horse.

The movie is not one of those magical journeys it is ok to see if you have nothing else on your plate.

The Marksman (2021)

 The Marksman (2021)





Liam Neeson

Katheryn Winnick

Juan Pablo Raba

Teresa Ruiz


Directed by Robert Lorenz


Liam Neeson’s The Marksman is all promise and no delivery. This action thriller is predictable to a fault. The movie sets up a very interesting premise with the feeling that this would be another one-man army movie which Neeson will have to take on the cartel and win. What we ended up having is Neeson’s character Jim, running from the cartel for most of the movie, until cornered and had to handle things the Neeson way.

His character is a somewhat disappointing one, with a plan that made absolutely no sense at all. He is running from the cartel with a kid which the cartel wants dead. Well, he too is wanted dead by someone in the cartel because during their initial meet, Jim killed the man’s relative. I can bet that you have seen such a setup before and if you feel that you have an idea where things will go from here, your guesses are probably right. After his interference between the kid and his mother getting away, his later action of gun fight with the cartel at the border led to the death of the mother. So, after talking with the woman before she died, he developed a sense of responsibility to the kid. Wanting to get him to family members in Chicago. The woman was on the run from the cartel because her brother stole cartel money, which we find in her possession.

The movie also has Jim’s step-daughter who is part of the border police, the boy was initially in their custody before Jim stole him away from them. In what seems like the most ridiculous way ever, what a porose police station. So, Jim is on his way to Chicago with the kid and the cartel is chasing after him leaving death and injury as they pass.

I don’t know why I had this feeling that this movie could have been more. I stopped thinking that when the setup has Neeson’s character as a sad, lonely man with nothing to lose. In addition to what pissed me off is that cliché bar speech given by ex-soldiers, telling us about how he has given to his country and his country has given him nothing in return when he came back home. performance is heads above the rest of the cast, but it is not their fault that the plot of this movie is so weak and the delivery so poor.

The movie had a theatrical release which during this pandemic period is not half bad

A Time to Kill (1996)

A Time to Kill (1996)




Sandra Bullock

Samuel L. Jackson

Matthew McConaughey


Directed by Joel Schumacher


A Time to Kill reminds me of To Kill a Mockingbird except that movie is a lot tamer and has less violence. A Time to Kill puts you on the side of the murderer (Carl played by Samuel L. Jackson) asking yourself if you were him would you do the same?

The movie boasts of very convincing performances from the lead casts Matthew McConaughey (as Jake), Sandra Bullock (Ellen) and Jackson. Here is a film crafted well enough to absorb you and take you captive for the long ride. The power in the movie is how much you spend your time at the edge of your sit as you watch, although not fast-paced the movie is intriguing. The lawyers in the movie were always on their toes as they try to win the case and also survive to see it through. Their lives were always in danger which reminds me of another film, In The Heat of the Night (1967), starring Sidney Poitier. While trying to solve his case all through the film his life was always in danger.

This John Grisham adaptation of his 1989 book of the same name is to me one of the best adaptations of his. The movie starts with a bunch of white young men going about a black neighborhood causing trouble. They were drinking heavily and just being a nuisance that you know there were going to do something they will later regret, what they did is worse than you can imagine.

On their way to where ever, they see a 10-year-old walking home and they abduct her. They raped her, beat her and tried to kill her. She survived, but this was Mississippi in the 80s so the men felt they had the right to do what they want to black people. In fact, racism was predominant during that period. Carl gets home to be told what has happened, it was his daughter these men had done this horrible thing to. He goes to see Jake a lawyer who helped his brother out a while back, he wanted to know the chances that the men who did this to his daughter (who were now arrested) would get off with a slap on the wrist. Jake tells him the chances are high. Carl then takes the matter into his own hands and does something just as atrocious as the men, (well I did not see it that way his actions were less in comparison to what these men did) but it depends on who you ask.

Carl’s action now has him locked up and facing life or the death penalty. He gets Jake to be his lawyer and they begin the case to get him out. Things were not going to be easy for Jake because the racist KKK got involved and even though he is white his life and the life of his family became a constant target.

Jake was lucky to survive some of the attacks even his family. But his colleagues were not that lucky.

The movie is all about how Jake with his own struggles has to be able to juggle that, attend to his friends/colleagues and save Carl’s life.

The movie was a commercial success and deserves to be seen more than once.

Enchanted (2007)

Enchanted (2007)



Amy Adams
Patrick Dempsey
James Marsden
Timothy Spall
Idina Menzel

Directed by Kevin Lima


It is not every day that you watch a film that talks about the ending from the start, setting the stage for being predictable and then sticks to the predictability with a perfect landing. Enchanted does not try to add anything new to the happily ever premise from the start, but path to getting there required some dose of reality we wanted some of these fairytale people to get. Taking the lead character from the fantasy world and bringing them to reality where happily ever after is a risk and not always possible.

The whole cringe-feeling when they singing and witty lines added to the fun of the movie. Amy Adams’ performance in this movie is like this is truly her world. She sings well and her portrayal in this movie makes this movie just something suited for her person. The movie carters to all ages and even though the CGI effects of the dragon in the end is a complete letdown, you can overlook that when things reversed in the damsel in distress scenario.

Enchanted is a Disney live-action/animated musical fantasy romantic comedy about a young lady Giselle (voiced and portrayed by Adams) in an animated fairy tale kingdom of Andalasia. She dreams of one day getting her happy ever after and be married to a prince. The prince (Edward voiced and portrayed by James Marsden) of the land’s stepmother is evil and rules the land of Andalasia. Her rule ends when Edward gets married so she does all she can to keep him distracted. One day Giselle was being attacked by a troll and it so happens that Edward was the one to come to save her. They fell in love that same day and were to be married on the next.

The evil queen then tricked Giselle into making a wish at a pool and pushed her in, Giselle fell through and ended up in our real world as a live person. She is confused and wondering around New York looking for her prince. A divorce lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey) sees a confused Giselle in the rain and his daughter runs out to go see. His daughter was enticed by Giselle all dressed up like a fairy tale princess, with Robert running after her and catching Giselle when she fell.

Robert agreed to help her, but was sucked (not literally) into her mayhem of fairy tale looking for her prince. On the other side Edward came through the pool to the real world to come rescue his maiden and now we have two people from the fairy tale world acting crazy and looking for one another, causing trouble every where they go.

The movie gave Adams a lot of recognition for her work in it and it was both a critical and commercial success for Disney. Even though I believe the production cost was way to high at $85 million, the movie did remarkably well and Disney has had plans for a sequel for a while now. Pre-production has started and the title of the film will be Disenchanted with Adams, Dempsey, Marsden and Menzel.