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Joyful Noise (2012)

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Joyful Noise (2012)


Queen Latifah
Dolly Parton
Keke Palmer
Jeremy Jordan

Directed by: Todd Graff

Distributed by: Warner Bros.

A movie, with Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton in it, was watched by me two weeks ago, I know some of you are thinking to yourself “Why would he watch that?” But hey, someone has to, so I did and at the very end I just wished I left the job to some other reviewer.

The main reason I even gave this movie a shot is that Queen Latifah was in it, she has done some good movies in her days, but this is not one of them.

The only sure thing about Joyful Noise is that, the writers must really love ‘Sister Act’ (Whoopi Goldberg) especially Sister Act 2. Because no matter what happens all I saw was sister act 2, are in other words maybe the producers were hoping we will see this flick as the new “Sister Act 3”, involving two love birds. Like Sister Act were we are having two people on opposite sides one white and the other black Whoopi Goldberg and Maggie Smith respectively.

Joyful Noise (Sister Act 3 to me) rides on the wings of clichés, and if you are a fan of clichés them this movie won’t disappoint, but if you love originality then stay away, because here the white and black representatives are Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah.

I saw this movie two weeks ago, and you may be wondering, why it took me two weeks to write this review, well it is because of how unnecessary I felt the movie was.

Every Scene in the movie reminds you of a movie or two, the idea that someone will sit down and write a movie about two female choir leaders biff, which was driving a wedge between their teenage children from being together (because of cause their kids fell in love), also driving a wedge between the church choir (remember this is Sister Act 3 so choir has to be involved) was appalling.

I have a question for the writers, “of all the great gospel songs out there, they picked, “Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson” for a church choir to use to show off their singing talent, why?”

This is supposed to be a religious kinda like film, so why use a song that is regarded secular.

But regardless, Queen Latifah was good in her acting, and Dolly Parton should stick to singing and everyone else in the movie should get a life.

Woman In Black (2012)

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Woman In Black


Daniel Radcliffe
Ciarán Hinds
Janet McTeer
Sophie Stuckey
Liz White

Directed by: James Watkins

Distributed by: Momentum Pictures (United Kingdom) and CBS Films (United States)

This will be the first Daniel Radcliffe movie I have seen since he dropped the wand at Hogwats and I advice you go see it too.

‘Woman In Black’, is a horror movie that Radcliffe pulled off. Based on a Susan Hill's novel of the same name and the movie is directed by British director James Watkins.

I must say Harry Potter (Radcliffe) can act, although it was hard to pass him off as a grown man married with a child, because no matter how I tried to accept his role, all I saw was Potter, and I kept waiting to see if he will stupefy something.
What can I say? If you are not a fan of horror movies, then this might be a bit boring for you, but if you don’t mind a thrill once in a while, give this movie a buzz.

The story is a little weak, but what other horror movie story isn’t, it is full of clichés but what other horror movies now a day isn’t. The scenery was so well crafted and the cinematographer made sure we enjoyed more of distance footage, so we can see the beautiful scenery the movie had to offer.

Directing is just as weak as the story, who goes to a house, notice some scary stuff in that house, sees things, people and children moving around, and still hangs around?

The Director (Watkins) also didn’t think it was necessary, or befitting for the viewers to know what is going on (the aim was suspense but to me it was dumb), you will have to wait an hour plus, before you can grab the whole concept of the movie in detail. (This was frustrating)

Also the town people were hostile to Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), the funny thing about this is, (I blame the director for this also) Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe) never tried to know why. The men of the town gathered together to run him out of town, for what they believe he has seen, Arthur never asked what the connection is, between what I have seen, and the death that is plaguing the town.
He finally asked that question, 15 mins to the end of the movie. (Who waits days to know why a town wants them out?)

But enough said, the story goes thus, Arthur a young solicitor lost his wife and has been sad ever since, his son wants more of dad’s time, but dad is till shook up about his wife’s passing to be available.

His office posts him to handle the estate of Alice Drablow, who owned an English manor known as the Eel Marsh House, where she had lived with her husband and son Nathaniel. The people of the town believe the house is haunted and they tried to chase him off, but to no avail. He goes to the house and strange things began to happen.

Thinking he was still in Hogwats Arthur (Daniel Radcliffe) decides to do some investigating, as he investigates people start dying. The town tells him to clear off. But he still hangs around till, he found out that the woman in black was after him too.

Enough said this movie is not half bad and it is one i recommend.

This Means War (2012)

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This means war


Reese Witherspoon
Chris Pine
Tom Hardy
Til Schweiger

Directed by McG

Distributed by 20th Century Fox

Well, I am a huge fan of romantic comedies, and a good movie is a good movie regardless of who is in it…This is not a good movie though.

Directed by McG (Joseph McGinty Nichol) who is a producer of the TV series “Supernatural” and also directed both "Terminator Salvation" and "Charlie's Angels -- Full Throttle," brings his boring, low class touch to the screen, by putting together two spies as wolves and a girl as bait.

Here we have one of the most useless idea to base a movie on, not only will this movie be a waste of time you have to bear with Chelsea Handler, whose acting career is one that needs to end now. Her acting all through the movie will either make you puke or make you laugh if you find mediocre sex jokes funny.

Not only did that add to the fact that this wasn’t one of the best romcom movies of 2012, but having to have both Chris Pine and Tom Hardy together on the same screen, seemed like too much macho for one to bear.

Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde) delivery of Lauren is not one that should go in her resume neither is Pine’s (James T. Kirk – Star Trek (2009)) delivery of a spy.

Hardy, who will be playing Bane in the upcoming Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises (2012)”, fitted his role well, but the lame script won’t make you notice.

The story is simple, two field agent spies (Hardy and Pine) get grounded to desk jobs for their carelessness, this granted them enough time for their social lives, which led them to meet a lady (Witherspoon) which they both found fascinating only for them to find out they were dating the same girl.

Pine agreed to back down, feeling he is more of an alpha male than Hardy, but Hardy saw that as a challenge, now both decided to play the game of who gets the girl.
On Lauren’s side is Trish (Handler) who gives her advice on how to choose the best out of the two.

The movie still had times I laughed won’t lie, but the time Hardy got shot in the nuts is not one of them, don’t worry this is not a spoiler you can guess it was going to happen a mile away.

All in all, I'd rather sit down and watch a basketball match, than to see this again (and am not even a basketball fan).

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012)

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012)


Nicolas Cage
Fergus Riordan
Ciarán Hinds
Violante Placido
Idris Elba
Johnny Whitworth
Christopher Lambert

Directed by: Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor

I wonder what is worse, the idea of a black skull instead of the normal grey skull from part one, or the idea of the making of Ghost Rider 2, with a script that looked like it was written by toddlers?

I think the later was worse.

I can not phantom how such a weak script, could have gotten a go ahead from the studio. If you think there could not have been anything worse than the first Ghost Rider (2007), well the producers of this movie have you covered. Not only is this worse than the previous movie done five years before, the title borrows from a good comic arc that the movie does not follow.

Nicholas Cage is facing some financial issues, so that is why it seems like he is in every movie. But by now, out of all the crap he has been dishing out you will expect one to be at least good. But I guess I am wishing on a star.

The script being weak is one thing; now add the lines in the movie. It was unbelievable. The only way you can enjoy this movie is if you are 8 and you catch it on Nickelodeon.

Set eight years after the first movie, our anti-hero, anti-villain, character Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage), was still struggling with the curse of being the Ghost Rider. Learning that the rider is uncontrollable he decides to flee from all he loves and found refuge in a remote part of Eastern Europe.

While there he was approached by some monks to save a boy from the devil. At first Johnny is reluctant, but the monks made him an offer he could not refuse, they will help rid him his curse forever, the curse of being a Ghost Rider.

The antagonist of the movie is one of Ghost Rider’s Arch Enemies Blackout (Johnny Whitworth), who is a murdering psycho with no control what so ever (that is in the comics).
Now what would you expect?
We have Blackout and the Rider together in the same movie, you will expect some fun action fighting and cool CGI all engrossed in one movie ride.

But the makers of the movie had something else in mind; the antagonist will be named Blackout but the only resemblance to the Blackout of the comics will just be his face (not only was that a heart breaker, it was looking a gift horse in the mouth), here was a recipe for a dark movie that will rock, but instead we have to settle for a PG – 13 Ghost Rider.

Directed by the CRANK guys Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, and the screenplay was written by David S. Goyer who worked with Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight, the combination of these three didn't help to make this movie a must watch.

I think studio with the Ghost Rider rights are pulling some gimmick, trying to ride the wind of the upcoming The Avengers movie. But, sadly the audience did not bite and the poor box office performance will result in the rights of the character going back to Marvel.

What else was wrong with this movie?

Cinematography, I have seen bad cinematography in B – movies, but this was worse. With a budget exceeding over $60 million dollars, you would expect better, so where did the money go? Trust me it was not in the CGI. The CGI was so out of place, what would you expect the movie was made with like half the budget of the first movieThis idea of releasing a movie so that the rights do not go back to the owners of the character did not work with the Punisher and it did not work here.

In the very much future when the rights go back to Marvel and they are done with their Infinity War (which was in two parts last one called Endgame) saga, we can hope for a better Ghost Rider movie.

Justice League: DOOM (2012)

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Justice League: DOOM (direct to DVD)


Starring (voice actors):

Tim Daly (Superman)
Kevin Conroy (Batman)
Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman)
Michael Rosenbaum (Flash /Barry Allen)
Carl Lumbly (Martian Manhunter)
Nathan Fillion (Hal Jordan/Green Lantern)

Directed by: Lauren Montgomery

Distributed by: Warner Home Video

Justice League: Doom, could as well be tagged Justice League: Contingency plan, because literally that was what it was all about.

What justice league is complete without the Bat, being totally involved?
This wasn't an exception as it was all based on the contingency plan of the Bat falling into the wrong hands.

Mark Waid-penned JLA story arc, "JLA: Tower of Babel" where the Legion of Doom is formed to eliminate the Justice League using protocols created by Batman to take down the group should any member ever go rogue.

The movie was adapted and written by Dwayne McDuffie whose notably works include Ben 10, Static Shock, writing and producing the animated series Justice League Unlimited. Dwayne wrote this adaptation shortly before his death in February 2011 at age 48.

Directed by Lauren Montgomery, who also directed the animated version of Wonder woman, Green Lantern: First Flight, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

Lauren took the Dwayne adaptation of tower of Babel, and brought about JL: Doom, which I have to add is one of the best, Direct to DVD movies DC has released (behind Superman and Batman: Public Enemies of course).

But what else can I add without spoiling the movie for you, let’s see…..

Voice acting:

The voice actors were from the old series (Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited and Green Lantern: Emerald Knights) all reprising their roles, from Tim Daly as Superman, Kevin Conroy as Batman, Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman but to say a few, this made you feel at home and comfortable. By DC using former voice actors you don’t feel alienated by any of the characters.

I believe DC went all the way to make sure the movie was perfect.

Phil Morris played the voice acting for the villain Vandal Savage, who was tired of the world and her ways and decided to end it all, and be the ruler of what is remaining.
Wonder when villains will try something else other than take over the world. But no matter how much they try, it never gets old to see the Bat and Sup, take them down.


The animation and art style is, exquisite and you get to enjoy it.

All in all in this short review, all I can say is buy and watch this whether you are a fan of the DC comics or not, a fan of cartoons or not, this is a movie made for everyone. it gets my 7.

Safe House (2012)

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Safe House


Denzel Washington
Ryan Reynolds

Directed by: Daniel Espinosa

Distributed by: Universal Pictures

Safe House, as time goes by, you come to see how weak the script is and how dull it can get.

Other than that, if you are in for some conspiracy and don’t mind a little mix of some action, then Denzel’s delivery of Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington’s character), an ex-CIA agent turned international criminal, who acquires a series of secret files detailing the illegal activities of several worldwide agencies.

The movie plagues on corruption and what people are willing to do to cover it up. The rate of blood and body count is quite high in this movie as both Reynolds and Denzel both having a high share.

Denzel’s acting was as usual, excellent and worth commending, not as grand as the one he pulled off as Eli in the movie "The Book of Eli", where he played a man who memorized the whole Bible, but better that the one in "Unstoppable" about the train.

Denzel any day is a good lead, and Ryan Reynolds was a good supporting cast, his performance was unbelievably good. It is one thing to be an actor it is another to be good at it, now I can comfortably say that Ryan Reynolds is good at it.
If you are expecting to see any comic relief from Reynolds sorry to disappoint you none was available. If you were expecting to see him display any macho man attitude sorry again that too was removed from the script.

Directed by Swedish director Daniel Espinosa, who did a grand job staging the fights, the shoot outs, the explosions and the car chases. Well, as I said above Safe House is an action packed thriller true and true.

Reynolds plays Matt Weston, a young CIA operative in charge of a safe house (a place to bring prisoners or witnesses to keep them safe) in Johannesburg South Africa. Been there over a year and has had no visitors.

Tobin Frost (Washington) checked into an American Consulate in South Africa, with a gang of gun-shooting thugs on his heels.

He's taken to the safe house under heavy guard to be interrogated.

The interrogation didn’t last long, as the gun-shooting thugs showed up and made Ryan’s boring life meaningful.

As far as scripts go, this could have been better I have to be honest, to me it felt more like an all out action film with little care on the way it goes.

Also the casting of the movie paid out, as all the actors seem to be well accustomed to their roles.

Go see it, if you don’t mind action films.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012)

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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

3 / 10

Dwayne Johnson
Michael Caine
Josh Hutcherson
Vanessa Hudgens
Kristin Davis

Directed by: Brad Peyton

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

Loud, Clumsy and meant to be seen on 3D. The effects and events were all so chessy, the dialogue so lame and the landscapes too colorful.

Dwayne Johnson "The Rock", has in the past two years been in some really funny movies, he was in tooth fairy, why he decided to do that movie, don't know.

Then there was Fast Five, i am not much of a fan of a fast and furious fan, but he did well...then he decided to sink lower than the tooth fairy joke to pull this, Journey 2.

Journey 2 is sequel to Journey to the center of the earth, which Brendan Fraser, played the lead role, but due to schedule issues couldnt return to take his lead role.

Studios need to get another hobby, other than the one they all seem to have, which is, "hey! the part one cost 60 mill, and made over 240 mill in box office alone, lets do a part two."

Directed by Canadian director Brad Peyton who also worked as director in the movie "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore", pulled the amazing dull stunts in this movie that will go over the head of any adult viewer, as most of the events were just plain bogus and dull.

Here in their version of “Alice in wonderland” The elephants are the size of cats, and bees are so big you can ride on them, and don’t get me started on the lizards.

The movie's comic relief guy (Luiz Guzman), looked and acted like something out of a Disney home video.

We also have Sean's love interest Kailani played by Vanessa Hudgens, who seemed more out of the movie than in it.

The story had Josh Hutcherson return from the first movie playing Sean, and with him we have his mother’s lover Hank played by The Rock, who helped Sean decipher a code, which had the locations of…

I will let you guess?

If you guessed Mysterious Island, you are right.

Sean believes his grandfather is trapped on the island and needs help.

He and The Rock head off to mysterious island, and all I kept thinking was…WHY?

The rock said it was for bonding, Sean said it was to find grandpa, both reasons may fly in 1992, but here in 2012. that is not a good enough reason to make a movie that cost 79 million to make.

I guess my main problem of the movie is the cast, it was like they were acting another movie, this not Michael Caine’s best, I still found it hard to believe that the old Michael Caine could have survived in that Island alone for that long, (but hey it is a movie).

Man On A Ledge (2012)

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Man on a ledge


Sam Worthington
Elizabeth Banks
Anthony Mackie
Jamie Bell
Ed Harris

Directed by: Asger Leth

Distributed by:Summit Entertainment

I had two urges this month: Watch “Man on a ledge” and “Journey 2: The mysterious Island.” One down, and here we go....

Man on a ledge wasn’t all that bad, the ending was unrealistically manageable, which will either leave you smiling or induce puking.(spoiler) Especially the HOBO who fell in love with Nick and tackled a police officer on his behalf.

The story took a while to find its footing, but after 40 minutes in, you kind of get a feel of how the movie is going to be.

Directed by little known director Asger Leth, who i belive may have skipped a class in movie school called "WHY THINGS HAPPEN 101". Here i am watching a movie about a man trying to kill himself, then i see cops who i believed to be dirty cops, chase this guy off the ledge into the building, and tried,(actually tried!), to take him out.

The movie goes on and later on, you find out they weren't dirty cops at all, so i ask myself, Why were they trying to take him out? Please watch this if only to give me answers.

One thing I've come to learn about movies is that a good cast usually helps make a good movie(i said usually because there are noteable exceptions - Gigli). Man on a ledge boasts of Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker, The Adjustment Bureau) who I feel is just wasting away his talent. His mediocre performance was just partially overshadowed by that of Elizabeth Banks. Sam Worthington who played Nick is no better in the lead role. One would think the exposure from Avatar would have helped.

The plot goes: Nick (Sam Worthington) broke out of prison with the aid of his brother, and then causes a scene in a building next to the one his brother was going to help him rob. This scene (caused by Nick) is to keep the crowd and police busy while the robbery takes place in the nearby building.

Eventually when the police shows up, Nick claims to be wrongfully imprisoned and that he is innocent of the crime he was convicted for, and intends to prove it... by standing on a ledge. Seriously! You can tell the writers werent even trying. The movie has no suspense. There is no twist. All it is is a plain story that just keeps trodding along till it ends.

The cinematography is on the ok side. Shots of Sam’s life on the ledge must have been some work for the camera crew; a work i wish they did better.

According to Sam, whilst in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he actually had to act on a sky scrapper standing on a ledge.

Too bad because, I'm giving this movie a 5.

Chronicle (2012)

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Dane DeHaan
Michael B. Jordan
Michael Kelly
Alex Russell

Directed by Josh Trank

Distributed by 20th Century Fox

With great power...comes great irresponsibility

The Chronicles could have been far better if we knew the cast, but the fact that we didn’t made it excellent.

It may sound contradictory but the movie itself is full of the contradictions of life.

In any case or scenario that we have seen Hollywood depict, the guy being bullied or the school clown, always later rise above everything and everyone to become a hero.

The rejected stone becomes the chief corner stone kind of stuff.

Here in Chronicle he (i.e the bullied) rose above everyone to become a psycho. He moved from the protagonist to the antagonist in less than 30mins into the movie.

Well much has to be said for Chronicles and a lot of kudos to the director/writer, who by the way, was making his directorial debut at 26.

Chronicles was Written by Josh Trank (director) and Max Landis who also is in his tewnties.

Chronicles crosses border on the effects of child abuse to a person’s psychology and how power can corrupt even the simple.

I guess the main character Andrew (Dean Dehaan) must not have come across the movie Spiderman, which treats the notion “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Shot from a documentary view, and seen as a found footage (much like Blair Witch Project). The movie has its bad parts too, like the reason Andrew kept a camera on all the time, here are some stupid reasons given by the film and my take on it:

1. Police officer refers to the camcorder next to an unconscious person’s hospital bed and says, “The camera gets to stay on for our investigation.” (Really! when did they start that?)

2. Andrew’s father gets home drunk, and Andrew shouts “am setting up the camera so I can record this”.(why do you want to record your father abusing you?)

3. Andrew goes robbing and keeps the camera running so as to document his rise in the eco-system (I dont get?).

All in all, the writers could have done more and taken this movie to the top.
The movie showed why Professor X is so important the training of young mutant minds.

Chronicle may not be a master piece and if you hate the idea of a found footage, camera shaking and loud irritating noise.

Then Chronicles may not be for you.

Have I forgotten to give you the plot?

Here it is: Three high school students found a hole that led to a remarkable discovery. This discovery had its side effects as they started developing uncanny powers, “Telekinetic”.

They start to learn to control their abilities and start to use them their advantage and also used it to play tricks on people.

Then their lives start to spin out of control, and their darker sides begin to emerge, leading to the whole movie you about to go watch.

The Grey (2012)

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The Grey


Liam Neeson
Frank Grillo
Dermot Mulroney
Dallas Roberts
Joe Anderson
Nonso Anozie
James Badge Dale

Directed by Joe Carnahan

Distributed by Open Roads Films

The first thing that attracted me to this movie is the marketing strategy; they makers try to pass this on as a spiritual movie to the Christian public.

I hate to disappoint the Christian viewers, unless a rage against God and debate about his existence thrills you, then this is a movie for you. And if that “THRILLS YOU AS A CHRISTIAN” then you need spiritual counsel.

The Grey for most part is half captivating, as not only are you watching a movie about the Grey Wolf, (who just moved away as part of the Endangered Species) we get educated about how wolf hunts and how they act and lots more.

The Grey is from the stables of Ridley Scott and the main character was originally meant to be played by Bradley Cooper, before Liam Neeson was casted on the role.

If you want to know about the ‘Grey Wolf’ go watch a documentary, this movie has so much pause, that I started to think the makers wanted to make sure the movie will be 2hrs long.

Directed by Joe Carnahan (Smokin Aces, A-Team), who felt a movie about man and nature has to have other things to keep interested. I was already interested from the get go watching Neeson being depressed, a bunch of oil rig workers cramped in a plane that is flying through a blizzard and then crashes, and we have a handful of survivors alone in the Alaska deep snow with glowing eyes and howling to keep them up and alert.

That alone is a recipe for a classic, and you have Liam Neeson as lead you got it already. Although I must add Liam Neeson did a good job in this movie, hats dip to you sir.

The first person to be taken by the wolf happened when he was suppose to be watching over the pack of survivors, from there I knew it was a battle and the wolves had the upper hand as they will start taking them one after the other.

If this was all The Grey was about, I will rate it an 8, but NO… Carnahan decided that having men talk about God and “Why is he doing this to us…? and does this He exist” have to be added to make the movie hit home, instead anytime they sit and start talking, I found myself hoping a wolf will just attack.

Why does every movie about survival, always have to have a smart ass?
Let’s imagine, I am trapped in Alaska hunted by wolves and with me is a man who kills wolves for a leaving (that was Liam Nelson’s job in the movie to protect the oil rig from wolf attack), and I go shouting things like “who made you the leader? I’m going off on my own” that is just bull; he is the leader he is the only one who knows anything about wolves.

There is a saying, “in the land of the blind a one eyed man is the leader”, this guy had two eyes and a blind man was questioning his authority. I believe this gimmick is old and has been flogged enough.

Also during production the cast were made to eat wolf meat, so they can get into character easily.

I just think that is sick.

The camera captions and action scenes were well choreographed. What do you expect, it is Ridley Scott.

I guess the other side of the movie was to question the divinity of God. At a point, Liam Neeson asked God Almighty to come down and save him. You can bet God had no time for anything that doesn’t glorify Him, so Neeson was on his own.

Seeking Justice (2012)

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Seeking Justice


Nicolas Cage
Guy Pearce
January Jones

Directed by Roger Donaldson

Distributed by Anchor Bay Films

I have to be honest am not a Nicholas Cage fan, worse am not a Guy Pearce fan either. Put these two together and add produced by Tobey Maguire (Spiderman), you have a recipe waiting to be boycotted.

But funny the movie isn't half bad, not so great but as far as B-Movies go, it is okay.

Again Cage and Pearce prove that they are not the reasons to be going to the cinema, which I must add.

Let's look at this scene,
'Man finds out that wife was in the hospital, badly beaten up and she was raped, and all he did was stand there and look like Cage' don't know if that was a blame that should go to the actor or director Roger Donaldson who directed ' The Recruit and The Bank Job'. Or maybe we should blame the script, it may have not been added that when a man goes to the hospital to see his wife who has been badly beaten should at least ask what happened, because this guy didn't.

The movie is a proper B-Movie having all the classic B movie antics, well enough hating on the movie let's talk about what was right with the movie.

I wasn't bored.

It could have been better planed and the premise was just not it at all, but all in all it is a good way to kill time.

The story is simple, Will Gerard (Cage) is a high school teacher whose wife Laura (January Jones) got beaten and raped, while he was in school.

In the hospital, he was met by a man (Guy Pearce) who promised to handle the guy who did it all Cage had to do was to promise to do some other jobs for him when the time calls. Who agrees to that?

Cage did and it all turned out well for 6 months, till the guy (Guy Pearce) calls and asks for a favor, one thing led to another our school teacher is wanted for murder and that's all folks.

This is not the first movie cage is doing that is not worth paying for in he has done loads.

After The Sorcerer's Apprentice all the movie I have seen him in have been just chaotic, we had to see him will a sword in Season of the Witch, play a coming back from the grave guy in Drive Angry all of these have been not worth the time I spent seeing them.

After these two was the Hollywood Bomb Trespass with Nichole Kidman, a movie that cost over 30 million dollars and only raked in 4 million, and holds a 10% acceptance from critics and 22% from the audience in rotten tomatoe. I guess he hasn't found the click yet. This movie is not the best he can do but...

I look forward to his next movie Ghost Rider 2, hoping to have fun watching.

Haywire (2012)

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Gina Carano
Michael Fassbender
Ewan McGregor
Bill Paxton
Channing Tatum
Antonio Banderas
Michael Douglas

Directed by: Steven Soderbergh

Distributed by: Relativity Media

The Ocean Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen director made this Lem Dobbs badly scripted action thriller about conspiracy and all that.

So why should you watch ‘Haywire’? (Although I don’t recommend that you should)

The cinematography is classic. Steven Soderbergh did a good job directing this movie, and kudos to the editing team, as the movie starts with you wondering what’s going on, as we see former American Gladiator Gina Carano playing Mallory engage in a fight with Aaron (Channing Tatum) after exchange of words, then cut scenes of the past mixed with the present, takes us through the whole plot of the movie.
The fight scenes are well choreographed but dull, the acting of Gina Carano showed that she hasn’t had much experience acting as she acted as a brick from the beginning to the end of the movie, the close ups on her face didn’t help.

The introduction of Michael Douglas and Banderas were just stunts to get people to the cinema, as their roles were as insignificant as the time I wasted watching this thriller.

The ensemble cast in this movie just play around the conspiracy till the end, a style of movie that I don’t believe should be done; as things just keep twisting and turning you don’t get the whole picture till the very end, that is if you sat down till the end. You are watching a movie about a woman beating up every guy she comes across, and after you have been watching for an hour, you start to lose interest.

I watched for over an hour and I still didn’t know why she is doing all this revenge stuff, If not the fact that I have to review it I would have worked off.

The plot: Mallory at a diner took out Aaron in a fight, and takes a diner customer hostage in the course of the slight police chase that follows; she starts to fill him in on the back story:

She and Aaron worked together on a job in Barcelona, rescuing a Chinese dissident (Anthony Brandon Wong) for a client (Antonio Banderas). Both Mallory’s boss, Kenneth (Ewan MacGregor) and Coblenz (Michael Douglas) seem to share a secret about the true nature of the Barcelona operation. Kenneth coarse Mallory to do another job where she is to pair with a spy Paul (Michael Fassbender: Shame and X-Men First Class). From here all changed and the conspiracy starts.

The movie is a sad excuse to show off Gina’s fighting skill as it is sure the acting skills still needs some work.