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Curse of Chucky (2013)

Curse of Chucky (2013)


Fiona Dourif
Brad Dourif (Voice of Chucky)

Directed by Don Mancini

I felt Chucky has had his days of glory on the screen and should just be left alone as a classic horror thriller. But Universal studios begged to differ with my viewpoint, as now we have an over flogged dead story, being revamped for another series of movies.
Curse of Chucky is not half bad, as the movie was well done, the CGI was ok and they tried to make it a little more realistic, when you consider being hunted by a real serial killing dull.

Curse of Chucky (or better still Child's Play 6) is a horror film and the sixth installment in the Child's Play franchise, starring our favorite villain Chucky, the serial killing doll. The movie didn’t get a theatrical release, and it will be the first direct-to-DVD installment of the movie.

The film was written and directed by Don Mancini, who created the franchise and has written all the sequels to date.

The film is stepping of the comedy trail that the last three Chucky films was on, as Curse of Chucky was entirely horror, which is what we get from the original three Child's Play films. Also, returning is Brad Dourif, who has voiced Chucky from the inception of the series.

In this new Chucky movie we also have Fiona Dourif (Brad Dourif's daughter) she plays the lead role Nica, in the movie.

The movie plot continues from where the last one [(Seed of Chucky(2004)] left off, nine years after the last incident in the Seed of Chucky.

The doorbell rang and there was a delivery, a box that when ripped open contained a good guy doll, which spoke and said his name was Chucky.

Well, we the viewers already know who this is, but the unfortunate house owners didn't, as Chucky soon got used to the house and the location of every possible killing object, he started to hunt the owners.

As the movie winds up we learn that Chucky's visit to the house was not a coincidence it was planned, a plan that i will leave you to watch and find out.

Is this the best Chucky film out there, well I can boldly say no, the first Chucky film is it for me. Everything after the first Chucky film were just movies, that would not have mattered.
I may not strongly recommend this movie, as I said earlier it is an over flogged dead horse, so here is a movie you can pass by and not feel bad.

Pain and Gain (2013)

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Pain and Gain (2013)


Mark Wahlberg
Dwayne Johnson
Anthony Mackie

Directed by Michael Bay

There are many lessons from Pain and Gain, but one of them is not how to commit the perfect crime.
A friend of mine named this movie the best Michael Bay has ever done, I don’t know if he is right, but I will leave you to decide.

Here are the lessons from the movie

Lesson 1: Don’t believe all that you see in movies
Pain and Gain is a true life story of three men, led by Daniel Lugo (Matt Wahlberg), who decide to kidnap a millionaire and get him to sign all his property to him.

How this may sound to you (i.e. if this was a good idea or not) is not the point, the point is the leading man Daniel Lugo decided to commit this crime after watching many movies on how to commit the perfect crime, one thing he failed to understand is that movies make crime look easy, and circumstances always works in favor of the lead actors.

Faced with a real crime, Lugo and his crew Paul Doyle (Dwayne Johnson) and Adrian "Noel" Doorbal (Anthony Mackie), found it next to impossible to kidnap the man and when they finally did, they discovered that it is not that easy to get the man to sign off his inheritance.

Lesson 2: If you are dumb, DON’T GO INTO CRIME you will get caught
These guys were so foolish that half way into the movie you are reminded that this is a true life story, because some of the things that these guys did were too stupid to be believable.

First it took three attempts to kidnap someone, if that is not a sign to give up I don’t know what is. Next after you got what you wanted from the man, you were too foolish to kill him properly.
They got him drunk and staged a car accident, he survived. Next they set the car on fire with him in it, and he survived, next they ran over him and he still survived, if you don’t believe me, watch this movie and see how three morons proved that killing someone can be difficult.

Lesson 3: Only losers and fools have temper tantrums
Lugo’s temper got him into more problems than he could bargain for.

Lesson 4: If you are the smartest person in a crew, you are in the wrong crew
If Lugo’s crew had someone who was smarter than Lugo I bet he would have told him straight forward that crime don’t pay.

Pain and Gain is a wonderful movie, it will make you laugh, the acting is first class, the photography is well done and, directing is on point. If there is a movie to miss this year, Pain and Gain is not it.

Riddick (2013)

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Riddick (2013)


Vin Diesel

Directed by David Twohy

This new installation into the Riddick franchise is just a waste of time, after the long wait I was taken through a solo run which you will notice is similar to what we got from Pitch Black (2000) (the first movie of the franchise), but after we have witnessed Riddick in an environment where he can run free and be a menace, which is what the second installment (The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)) in the franchise showed. I felt taken for a ride when I found myself taken back to the old ways of odd dialogues, action scenes that were just plain and simple and worse of all a restricted environment.

The movie did have its highs though, when you look at the terrain you just have to be impressed in the massive work that would have been put together to achieve it, then the CGI pet that Riddick had, was just cool.

David Twohy and Vin Diesel decided to take the character through a phase that may look like the end of the franchise, what they delivered will not make someone new to the franchise jump on board and in a way I had to struggle to keep awake while watching this movie, something you will not expect when you are watching a Riddick movie.

The plot has our hero stranded on a dead planet, after the incident with the Necromonger in the second movie, where he became their Lord Marshall.

Riddick was finding it hard to live the caged life of being a ruler, he refused to become a Necromonger which led many to turn against him. Riddick strikes a deal with Commander Vaako, for the location of Furya and a ship to take him there, in exchange for Vaako becoming the next Lord Marshall.

The deal didn’t go as Riddick planned, he soon found himself stranded on a dead planet with bounty hunters coming after him.

I don’t feel the acting the worth commending at all, Vin Diesel and the CGI is where all the budget went because all the other actors in the movie were just below standard, when you merge that with a screenplay that started more like I Am Legend (Will Smith in 2007), and what you have is a movie that will bore you.

I do wish I didn’t watch this, I won’t say I saw this happening because truly I was expecting this movie to be a hit (from my view that is).
If you are feeling some Riddick blues, watch The Chronicles of Riddick (2004).

World War Z (2013)

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World War Z (2013)


Brad Pitt
Mireille Enos
James Badge Dale
Matthew Fox

Directed by Marc Foster

One thing that I’m sure Hollywood will never run out of is zombie movies.

After seeing World War Z, my conclusion is that it is so unevenly balanced that if you are not ready to see it through to the end, you may sleep off during the long discussion on what the actors are planning to do next.
The movie is an action drama, there are no horrific moments or a focused view of zombies eating a human. In World War Z, we always seem to be moving from a chase (that leaves you gasping for breath as our hero is doing all he can to escape being beaten by a zombie) to lengthy talks.

Looking at the movie as a whole it is not that bad, it tried it’s best to bring in seriousness into a genre that is best known for action (in the area of killing off attacking zombies) and chases (running for dear life), and in the end the movie was all about action and chases, all seriousness went out the window.

The question that will be on the mind of many is: that did Brad Pitt and his production company Plan B entertainment deliver?
And the answer will be yeah.
World War Z digressed from the book that it is based on, but it was fun to watch all the same.

The movie's screenplay was done by Matthew Michael Carnahan and is loosely based on the 2006 novel of the same name by Max Brooks.

World War Z stars Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a former United Nations investigator, who witnessed the zombie epidemic take off.
After he and his family, narrowly escaped being beaten or being made a meal by the zombies. Gerry unwillingly joined the search to find where the epidemic started and to see what can be done to bring it to an end.

The journey costs them a lot, as lives were lost, and a recent observation by Gerry left them with more questions than answers.

The acting by Brad Pitt is just top notch and World War Z ended up being a financial success, which is why Paramount Pictures is moving ahead to make a sequel to the movie.
The idea of making a sequel was previously shelved when the movie was running into production troubles and the budget rising, but now production has begun for the sequel.
Take your time to watch this movie, it is worth it.