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Five Deadly Venoms (1978)

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Five Deadly Venoms (1978)


Chiang Sheng
Sun Chien
Philip Kwok
Lo Mang
Wei Pei
Lu Feng

Directed by Chang Cheh

If you have not been privileged to have seen this movie, I’m sorry because you definitely missed one of the best martial arts film that there is.

Five Deadly Venoms is a martial film from the 70s that has a great storyline, and it comes along with it a bag full of suspense. The movie carries you along as you try to discover the five martial art crew, and although some are so well pronounced the suspense of whom the last one was, will keep you guessing.

One thing that this old Kung Fu movies have that made me laugh is the way people die. They don’t just drop dead they do a last move, like an attempt to get up then fall down dead, like someone who got stung by a scorpion. And, the blood used in these movies was too red to even be confused with blood, but that aside, Five Deadly Venoms, was a movie done to perfection and it is a cult Hong Kong martial arts film.

The movie’s plot is about a group of five Kung Fu fighters, who were taught by their master, five unique Kung Fu styles:
The first: Centipede, who attacks like he has 100 arms.
The Second: Snake, who can fight with both hands while standing and lying on the floor.
The Third: Scorpion, his kicks are as deadly as a scorpion’s sting.
The Forth: Gecko, who can walk on walls and fight while on them.
The Fifth: Toad, his skin is tough and practically hard to pierce.

The master felt that the five were using their skills for evil deeds and regretted teaching them, so he taught a young student all the fighting styles and sends him on an errand before he (the master) died that he should find all five and stop the ones that are using their skills for evil and leave the ones that are living a good life. But warns that the young apprentice cannot take on any of the five alone, he has to join forces with anyone of them that is on the good path before he can successfully take them down.

There is more in the story, but I will leave you to it to find out.

The movie’s display of martial arts is its strong point; it is both interesting to see these styles being used and to see how they all had a weakness.

Fist of Fury (1972)

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Fist of Fury (1972)


Bruce Lee

Directed by Lo Wei

Do you desire some girl like screaming, from a guy that makes the nunchucks look like he is playing with a yo-yo?
Don’t worry your head on an air tight screenplay because loopholes stink almost each scene, but who cares about the stink, who cares about the weird cinematography, the sloppy effects and the not so wonderful acting, it is Bruce Lee mehn, just the fact that he is in this movie makes all the flaws seem perfectly suited for it.

The king of nunchucks messed up all the bad guys and died for the course; that is what Fist of Fury is all about, Bruce Lee messing up the Japanese.

Fist of Fury is one classic Kung Fu movie that I really enjoyed seeing again, although it doesn’t have the corrected flaws that existed in the remake that Jet Li made.

Fist of Fury is about a student that didn’t take his master’s death well, to make matters worse, a Japanese school of martial arts was trying to close down their school, and then stepped on Chen’s (Bruce Lee) toes.
Chen decided to take matters into his own hands and took on the school beating up all the students and the master.

This in turn sparked a war between the two schools, with the Japanese having the upper hand as the law was on their side. Chen went on a sort of killing spree, as he discovered that there was more to the death of his master than he was told.

The acting and martial art moves that Bruce showed in this movie are not what we will see today, but they are worth seeing.
Then there is the cinematic effect that involved zooming in to just show the eyes of the actor, trying to drive the point home of the intensity in the scene, are all effects that have faded away with time (not that I missed it though).

This movie makes you want desire to see more Kung Fu movies.
So my dear reader, are you in the mood for some old time Kung Fu?
Do you like Jackie Chan and Jet Li, but a little curious to see the best of the best at it?

Then look no further than Bruce Lee old movies, the packaging and screams are just what you need. And, after seeing this movie I suggest that you see Enter the Dragon and Five Deadly Venoms (1978).

Kramer vs Kramer (1979)

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Kramer vs Kramer (1979)


Dustin Hoffman
Meryl Streep
Justin Henry
Jane Alexander

Directed by Robert Benton

Kramer vs Kramer is rated as one of the best courtroom drama that there is, but in my opinion the best part of the movie happened outside the courtroom. The bonding between father and son after the wife just opted to leave, is something that we all should see and will come to appreciate.
The movie is a classic, and it went ahead to win five Academy Awards in 1979 in the categories of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actress.
One high in the movie is that it didn’t put one side over another, from the get go we can see where both Ted and Joanna Kramer faulted in their marriage and in the courtroom you can also see that although separated they still cared for each other.

This courtroom drama is based on an adapted screenplay (adapted and directed by Robert Benton) from a book of the same name by Alex Corman. The movie speaks on the sad case of divorce and child custody, although the woman walking out on her husband led to a better future for all three parties involved, I feel it could have been avoided if both parties (well the husband) were patient enough to dialogue.

As far as acting goes, this movie was well done the actors were just too well suited for their roles that I had that feeling that hardly comes when you are watching the movies released now. The feeling I’m talking about is when you get sucked into a movie and for over an hour you forget yourself and your surroundings and you are totally in the world painted on the screen.

As said above the movie is about a couple Mr and Mrs Kramer (Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep respectively) who were divorced and were now fighting for the custody of their son Billy (Justin Henry).

The accolades that Kramer vs Kramer received are lengthy; the movie was both a critical and commercial success (making over $106 million compared to its $8 million budget) and was a launch pad for Meryl Streep’s career.

There is no reason that anyone who claims to be a movie lover should not see this movie again, the four leads were just wonderful and Justin Henry (who played Billy) was 7 years old at the release of the movie and was making his movie debut, acted like someone who has been doing this for years.

Kramer vs Kramer, a classic courtroom drama for all to see.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013)

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013)


Starring the voice of
Bill Hader
Anna Faris
James Caan
Andy Samberg
Neil Patrick Harris
Benjamin Bratt
Terry Crews

Directed by Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn

Here is an hour and thirty minutes of my life that I will not get back.

This movie was not all out fun like its predecessor, there were no surprises in the area of inventions like we saw in the first, all we have is a colorful, dull movie that just went on and on until it ended. This computer animated science film is the 9thanimation to be produced by Sony Pictures Animations.

One thing you may like in this part two of Cloudy with a chance of meatballs is that the movie actually kicked off from where the first one stopped.

In the prequel Flint and his friends finally put the FLDSMDFR ("Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator") out of commission, as the machine went haywire sending down large chunks of food none stop, all because the mayor of the town greed, which was because his town was now a tourist attraction.
Flint and his friends Sam, her cameraman, Manny, Steve and Brent, now had to jet out to the FLDSMDFR in the sky to put out its lights.

In this animation, Flint’s idol Chester V was contracted to clean up the mess that FLDSMDFR made. Chester V then invites Flint to come join him in his company The Live Corp, a place where all the best investors reside.

While there Chester V asked Flint to help him find FLDSMDFR so that they can put it out of order. Flint and his crew from the previous movie headed back to town to discover that the food created by FLDSMDFR have now mutated and have a life of their own.

Like its predecessor the movie is loosely based on Judi and Ron Barrett's book of the same name and most of the previous cast except Mr. T reprised their roles.

In the end of this movie, I was wondering why Sony decided to make this sequel in the first place, as not every “good” movie (good in the sense that it made money for the studio) deserves a sequel. It was not captivating enough as the first and the thrill that I got when experiencing the characters behaviours in the first movie was watered down with too much talk between Flint and Chester V.

I don’t see how an adult will enjoy this movie, as it was just too darn colorful, and full of too many instances that will thrill only kids.