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  Halloween Ends (2022)

Halloween Ends (2022)





Jamie Lee Curtis
Andi Matichak
Rohan Campbell
Will Patton

Directed by David Gordon Green


I watched this movie and had one question, why was it written like this?

Of all the numerous ways I thought this movie will go, I give the writer and director some respect, this was not the path I thought this movie will decide to go. So, Michael Myers was able to detect another soul (Corey) which had his own taste for murder. It so happens that person is in a relationship with Laurie’s granddaughter. Wow, some strange coincidence which only happens in Hollywood as the two (Myers and Corey) started their own killing and the whole movie made no sense. The movie just had to create reasons to stab with the same gimmicks that mattered nothing in this beat up franchise. High School Seniors who were jerks, yeap! they must be stabbed. A man chasing a girl who is not interested in him, yeap! he must be stabbed too. Then the couple who are about to have sexy night, what is a stab movie without a couple planning sexy night dying? How dare they have sexy night when the bad guys are looming about, they get stabbed. This stereotypical nonsense that is supposed to mark the end of this franchise for now, ruined it. I do hope in my lifetime I never have to care if this franchise ever gets revived.

I have been watching the series since I can remember, saw some skipped others. The bottom line has always been Michael Myers survives.

Spoiler Alert

In this movie they wanted to bring the whole franchise to a close and it seems they could not find a way to do that without adding more stories to the mix.

It is not enough that they could not get a writer to give us some deep detective work, nope they did some stereotypical nonsense of people after four years after the incident of Halloween Kills (2021) start acting like Michael Myers is some boogeyman. Why could we not just enter some deep mystery and Myers doing some kill at the side as the hunt continues. Nope says the writers. Myers is leaving in some underground by himself for four years waiting for the right time to come.

Then Corey by accident stumbles into Myers path and they locked eyes, and a bond was weaved. The whole bad guys (Myers and Corey) get killed in this movie which for me was a pleasing result due to the waste of time this movie is, did not redeem all the time I have invested. Only the first film (Halloween (2018)) in this revived trilogy made any sense, this last two were just a waste of time.

They used less of Myers in this movie than I would have liked and wasted more of the time focusing on this new kid, only for him to be useless in everything. If Myers could really see into this young man’s soul, then why pick him as your protégé?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022)

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022)



Letitia Wright

Lupita Nyong'o

Danai Gurira

Winston Duke


Directed by Ryan Coogler


This Marvel Phase 4 has finally ended, and I am glad. Not all the movies in this Phase have been groundbreaking except the Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, this movie along with the others have been one of those movies you watch once and cannot survive a second viewing.

This is the 30th movie of the MCU and with the death of Chadwick Boseman, the whole MCU had to take a change. Black Panther himself is dead in the real world, so the movies had to take a new approach to this unfortunate incident. So, this Black Panther Part 2 must have a new Black Panther and we know that the mantel moved to his sister, Shuri.

When it comes to the plot of the movie, it took a different tone to what we normally are used to, the Wakanda are up against a foe who is known in the Marvel Universe as Namor. What we normally see is the bonding of this heroes, here they are on each other’s throat.

We soon discover that vibranium is not just a secret to Wakanda alone. A race who lives under the waters in their own region called Talokan where Namor is the king, also have a rich vibranium deposit. They like Wakanda use vibranium to enrich their own land and were not willing to share with others.

When the United States created a machine which can locate viibranium under the sea, Namor and his people attack the ship and sunk it, killing as much as they can.

The machine ends up in Wakanda and Namor visits the Queen and asks for the scientist who created the machine, he wants the scientist killed and will rage war on Wakanda if they do not deliver the person. Shuri goes looking for the person, to discover it is a young adult who created it and she tries to protect her, which led to them being captured. Now the Queen must save her daughter and do so without asking for help from any other country. Namor has warned that they do not want to be made known to the world.

The movie is about Wakanda vs Talokan. In the end, it was an ok watch, but I do hope we get stronger movies and shows in the Phase 5 of the MCU. Even though this movie seems to be on the path of being a box-office hit, I do wish Marvel does better.

Spirited (2022)

Spirited (2022)



Will Ferrell

Ryan Reynolds

Octavia Spencer


Directed by Sean Anders


I think this movie would have had higher ratings generally if it was shorter and not too much singing and too many things happening that we did not need to see. I liked the idea of the movie though and I enjoyed watching a different take on Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. This modern take makes the best use of current trends to make this movie more impactful and easier to watch. It is not as predictable as you would think which is a good thing. And the way things turned out in the end was not the way you will expect. The problem with this nice movie is all the fluff in-between that did not matter at all. All the traveling between worlds that dragged for much too long and conversations that you will be happy to be able to skip through.

I loved the chemistry between Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds and the way this movie ended, was open to more ideas of what could happen next.

The movie plot introduces us to a world where some ghosts are part of a group who help people change and become better. They have like a whole team who work hard in the background to make sure that Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Yet-to-come get their mark to change and be a better person which will cause a ripple effect of good things. The current target is Clint (Ryan Reynolds) a person deemed unredeemable, and the person Ghost of Christmas Present (Will Ferrell) wanted to take on.

Present was feeling a bit down and wanted a challenge and Clint was it and he thought he was up for the job and then learned that Clint truly was not the kind of person you can change.

Clint was hard in his ways and did not play by the rules. He flipped the table on the Ghosts so many times that they could not keep up.

It was not that Clint had a better plan than they, it was just that they were used to people being freaked out about their presence. Now they meet Clint who kept believing it was a dream and never took anything that was happening serious.

Clint was a PR person with his own company and his job was to take a bad situation and turn it to a PR masterpiece. So, when the Ghosts showed up trying to change him, he used his PR skills to flip the tables on them.

You can catch this Christmas musical comedy on Apple+ and I hope if they plan on another take, they just make it with less fluff.