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Tomorrowland (2015)

Tomorrowland (2015)


George Clooney
Hugh Laurie
Britt Robertson
Raffey Cassidy

Directed by Brad Bird

Tomorrowland is a visual show that can be very inviting. But the plot setting is all too mysterious and dragged for over an hour before you can fully grasp all that is before you.
The movie waste too much time building and arranging the building blocks that it forgot at times to carry the audience along.
With all this mystery being thrown in your face and robots being blown up with an impending doom ahead, you are sometimes playing catch up. The directing waste so much time telling us about something happening or has happened in Tomorrowland, that you get bored waiting to see it.

The movie is a science fiction adventure film that I did enjoy. Disney’s hope of turning another of their rides like Pirates of the Caribbean into a movie franchise failed. Tomorrowland wasn’t financially profitable and was not well welcomed by audience and critics.

The movie plot is as such, an adult Frank (George Clooney) is telling a tale of how he got into a place called Tomorrowland.
We see him as a little boy when a girl named Athena recruit young Frank by giving him a pin with a “T” on it. This pin allows Frank to get into a new world where science thrives and we see flying cars and everything you can imagine a scientific future could be.
Frank’s tale was interrupted by another young lady named Casey. Casey starts to give us a tale of how she got to meet Frank and it is that tale that we get to see most of the time.

Athena gave another pin to Casey by sneaking it into her bag. When Casey touched the pin with her fingers she is transported into a new world, she is transported to Tomorrowland.
When the battery of the pin runs out, she searches online for where she could get answers to the pin.

Her search led her and us to meet some angry robots and we become aware that there is another side to this earth we are living in. Athena saved Casey from being killed by robots and took her to meet the adult Frank. This brought more robots to chase Frank and Casey, with Casey wondering why this is happening and what Frank did that caused him to be kicked out of Tomorrowland.

The movie is directed and written by Brad Bird who also directed and wrote Iron Giant (1999), The Incredibles (2004) and it's sequel Incredibles 2 (2018).

The movie is as I said earlier is visually entertaining and all the fun that the movie could have given is packed in the visual masterpiece Disney carved.
I enjoyed the movie, and I can see why others may not have. I see this as one of those movies that is good enough to see at anytime, sad though that it takes too long to start being great.


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