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Sierra Burgess is a Loser (2018)

Sierra Burgess is a Loser (2018)


Shannon Purser
Kristine Froseth
RJ Cyler

Directed by Ian Samuels

The movie is a nice average emotional ride with some twist and turns that will never have happened in real life. Sierra Burgess is a Loser has an ending that was totally out of a fictitious romantic novel.
Before you jump on Netflix to see this movie, note that the story is very loose. Loose in a way that sometimes one thread runs amok and never gets tired back up properly.

The movie’s high point is a powerful performance by Shannon Purser. She seems to be the only person in the movie that gave a performance that was beyond the concept of her role. You will watch this movie and in the end her face and voice will be the only things that stands out when you recall seeing this movie.

The movie plot starts with the introduction of our lead Sierra (Shannon Purser), a high school student prepping for college application. She is on the big side of things and suffers with the pressure of having to live up to a popular, successful and genius writer of a father. A highly capable and over achiever of a mother. She is just a regular student who does well in school, but because of her weight and looks she is classified as on the losers in the school.
One of the ladies from her school named Veronica decided to play a mean joke on Sierra by giving her number to another high school student from another school. The boy was hitting on Veronica and got what he believed was her number.

The handsome student starts to text Sierra thinking she was Veronica. Sierra aware that the young man must have the wrong number decided to play along and soon both fall for each other. This happened without them seeing, but Sierra has to do something quick before she looses him.
Veronica may have been the head of the high school cheer leading squad, but she too had insecurities. Even though she was mean to others, she had fallen in love with a college student that just dumped her.
Sierra decided to go help her get her man back, by teaching her a lot about college and the philosophers of old, so she can appear to be informed and smart. In return all she wants is for Veronica to play the face and she will be the voice, when she talks to the man of her dreams. What started as a trade between two girls who never want to be seen together in school turned her good, then sad and then bad. As the movie does not just focus on Sierra and her lover.

The movie is just for me like the old Rom-Com of the early 90s. It may not fit into the kind of movies that are seen today, but this movie is average none the less.
You will enjoy it as long as you do not pull any of the loose threads this movie has lying about.


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