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Soapdish (1991)

Soapdish (1991)


Sally Fields
Kevin Kline
Robert Downey Jr.
Cathy Moriarty

Directed by Michael Hoffman

Done almost entirely on a soap opera set, this movie is just off the hook funny. There is nothing negative that can be said about this movie other than, there was too much drama, great drama.
What’s not to like in this movie?
Comedy was everywhere and was everything that this movie was all about. Drama and dramatic scenes were being tossed up and down, plus some acting level that makes you just appreciate movies.

The movie was filled with some beautiful actors all delivering fantastic performance from Sally Fields, Kevin Kline, Robert Downey Jr. and Cathy Moriarty. They were supported by also a talented cast of Elisabeth Shue, Whoopi Goldberg and some brief scenes by Teri Hatcher and the late Carrie Fisher.

The movie plot takes place on a soap opera set of a soap called The Sun Also Sets. The star of the show is an actress named Celeste Talbert (Sally Fields). She has constantly been wining the Daytime Drama award for best actress in a soap and has gathered a following of fans and enemies. A duo of David (Robert Downey Jr.) and Montana (Cathy Moriarty) have ganged up against Celeste and have decided to take her down. Montana’s aim is to be the new face of the show, David’s aim is to get Montana into bed and is bending to her every will.

Their plan was going on smooth when a young lady broke into the set and was lucky to get a casting role. The young lady was Lori (Elisabeth Shue).
David and Montana wanted to create a scene where Celeste will kill a young homeless lady and cast Lori as the young homeless lady. Things didn’t go well when they found out that Lori was Celeste niece.
Lori was happy to do the role to be close to her aunt and surprise her, which she did. This made the duo go back and had to change the script. This time they decided to bring back someone from Celeste’s past. A male cast and former lover of Celeste.
Jeffrey Anderson (Kevin Kline) was brought back, knowing that Celeste had him kick off the show some like two decades ago.

His return made her unstable and she started to act out, but then went off the bend when Jeffery started to date Lori. Jefferey wanted to take advantage of Lori because she was related to Celeste in a way to get even with her. When Celeste starts to flip over them seeing each other, David and Montana decided to tighten the screw and wrote a scene where they both share a passionate kiss.

I have to stop here because it is here that everything in this movie started to get really interesting.
Not much of a hit when it was done, but to me this is one of those movies that just missed the needed recognition.

I advise you go see this movie because it was totally worth the time I spent seeing it.


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