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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)


Tyler Labine
Alan Tudyk

Directed by Eli Craig

On first sight the thought that cross my mind was, “darn another movie about young adults getting killed in the woods.” Well, it was another movie about young adults getting killed in the woods, but this time the teenagers were the bad guys.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil is a movie that turns things on its head very quickly. Here is a movie that works on, looks can be misleading phrase and builds a castle with it.
It starts with an idea of how everything is going to end and then it takes you on a wild ride to it. The whole tupsy turvy incline of the characters is something that will take you by surprise. It was like everyone thought the worse of everyone else and were willing to run with that idea instead of stopping to think of other possibilities.

Guaranty to leave you smiling when it ends, this movie is well scripted to be entertaining, thrilling and all round packed with fun on all sides. The acting is top notch and the characters seem to be a fit for each actor, kudos to the casting director.

The movie plot starts with a nosey reporter trying to get some juicy info on a crime scene where multiple murders had taken place. Then we are taken three days back to what led to the incident that made the reporters book a date in the morgue.
A group of young adults were going on a trip in the woods when on driving they came across two men all scruffy looking, with one staring at the ladies.

The realized they forgot to buy beer and decided to stop near by to pick up some at a store. Meanwhile the two men they saw, Tucker and Dale were also going on trip. They just bought an old abandoned house in the woods and decided to go fishing and have fun (innocent fun, just two friends chilling).

Tucker noticed that Dale has a thing for one of the girls in the group and told him to walk up to her and say hi. Dale’s inferiority complex made him look scary as he mumbled scaring of the girl and her friends.

Now in woods, the same girl decided to go swimming with her friends when she jumps and hits her head. Tucker and Dale save her from drowning, but when they were retrieving her passed out body from the water her friends saw something else. To them, the hillbillies looked liked they had killed their friend and were taking the body away. Tucker and Dale saw her friends scream and start to run. Making them confused on why they will leave their friend behind.

They took her to their vacation home and cared for her, while her friends start to plot ways to save her and kill the two hillbillies they believe have her against her will.

The movie was not a box office success, even though it was a critical success. It is just one of those movies that never gets the needed attention it needs.
Here is a movie that will slip under the radar of many movie watchers, but I do hope you get to see and enjoy this movie as much as I did.


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