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Searching (2018)

Searching (2018)


John Cho
Debra Messing

Directed by Aneesh Chaganty

There are great movies and there are good movies… Searching is a great movie. I just never could tell what was going to happen at every turn. The determined father who has decided not to allow anyone keep him away from finding his daughter is such an inspirational tale, from this movies perspective.

The ending of this movie is the twist that you will never see coming. I could never in my wildest imagination put together that such an ending was ahead. And when I finally got a hand on what really happened to Margot, Margot is the name of the missing girl, the movie was not done yet. There was another twist waiting and then an ending with a full closure.

The movie had two main people involved, John Cho and Debra Messing. Cho played the father of Margot the missing girl and his portrayal was just out of this world amazing.

The movie plot starts with the introduction of David Kim (John Cho) and his family. He is married to Pamela and they have a daughter named Margot.

David is struggling to keep his relationship with his daughter going well, since Pam’s passing. We see the struggle as he chats with Margot.
One day, David wakes up and sees two missed calls from Margot, he calls back and no answer. He then waits and sends her a whole lot of messages but no answer.

He calls the cops and a detective named Rosemary Vick (Debra Messing) was attached to the case. They continue their search for Margot, with David always leading the charge as he breaks into his daughter’s social media accounts and was able to call everyone who knew anything about her.

This was not helping at the moment and Debra keeps investigating and coming up with things pertaining to Margot. She found a secret cash account, fake drivers license and a huge money trail indicating that Margot ran away.

David refused to quit searching and he keeps coming up with things and clues which made it look that something bad had happened to Margot, but what?

The “what” is what you have to watch to find out.

The movie was written and directed by filmmaker Aneesh Chaganty and I can see great things coming in for this man if he continues this way. The directing of this movie is much to be respected and the way the movie was put together. We see the actors on live streams and video calls. Watch their movement via webcam and seeing things from their perspective was just top notch.
Searching was a critical success and from the commercial standpoint, the movie made over $70 million from a $1 million budget.
Goes to show that you do not need mega box to do a great movie.

If you have not seen Searching, go see it now you will be glad you did.


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