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I Kill Giants (2018)

I Kill Giants (2018)


Madison Wolfe
Imogen Poots
Sydney Wade
Zoe Saldana

Directed by Anders Walter

I Kill Giants is a fun movie which delivers a moving fantasy with enough depth to keep you intrigued and entertained over the entire run-time.
The movie is like an onion, they are many levels to see when you pull back the previous layer. The movie is an adaptation of Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura's graphic novel I Kill Giants. It tells the tale of a young girl who deals with both internal and external demons. By her side is her Sister, Therapist and only friend as they try to keep her from going off the deep end in her struggles.

This magical journey has attached to it, good graphics and the directing is one to admire. The director did a good job in merging reality with fantasy of the below plot.

Our hero and Giant Killer is Barbara. Barbara is convinced that she is the one selected to save the world from the giants coming to kill everyone. She sets traps for them and hunts them with her weapon specially made to kill giants.
In her little bag is her hammer like weapon named Coveleski.
Barbara knows all there is to know about Giants, the different kinds, what they eat and how they hunt. She has with her a book of her extended study into these creatures and she is hell bent on stopping them and saving the world.

Her problem is further compounded by her behavior. She is distance from others and is not afraid to take on bullies. Her many antics to get off being around other people are something of deep imagination and her internal struggles causes her break ever too often on screen.

One day she meets a young girl like her, who moved to America from Leeds, England. The girls name is Sophia. They face many bumps in their relationship many caused by Barbara instability. Sophia is a good person and regardless of how bad things get between her and Barbara she always had Barbara’s back when the situation needed it.

Then there is the therapist, Mts Molle. She too was trying hard to be there for Barbara, but again Barbara’s outburst and constant instability was also making it difficult. Then there is the person bearing the whole burden, Karen, Barbara’s sister. She is working hard to care for the family and also trying her best to be there for Barbara, her brother and everything else.

The movie is a cool roller coaster and it is very deep and revealing the struggles people face in getting by. I advise you take the time to see this movie you will be glad you did.


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