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Destination Wedding (2018)

Destination Wedding (2018)


Winona Ryder
Keanu Reeves

Directed by Victor Levin

Well two people who happen to be meant for each other meet on the way to a Destination Wedding and they fall in love. You know that thing that never happens ever. Everything that never happens ever happens in this movie.
You can claim that’s the point of movies, creating the atmosphere where dreams and wishes can come to life. I beg to disagree a little substance of reality helps to ground movies and make them more fun and entertaining.

The movie in itself was not that funny, it was everything but that. Romance is also one thing I wondered where its presence was.
The lead male character was rude, annoying and just not the kind of person you would expect anyone to like. The lead female character was just too pushy on him and I for one didn’t see the reason that was allowed to happen after the two had sex.

The movie just kept getting excited by the two getting together that we get a long time watching them talking about things that you can skip through. The director enjoyed the idea of his characters discovering themselves that he forgot we the audience could careless.

This romantic comedy like I described above is about two people, Lindsay (Winona Ryder) and Frank (Keanu Reeves). They are invited to a wedding of Frank’s stepbrother who happened to be Lindsay’s ex from more than five years ago.

The couple meet at the airport on their way to board a small plane to the location. The plane was an eight sitter and from the moment they met standing beside each other, things didn’t go well.
They had a banter at the airport and another on the plane. When they got off the plane, one car was sent to pick them up to take them to the hotel where they were in a room beside each other.

They were also sat together at the rehearsal dinner.
The two never stop going at each other, with Frank being the sort of person you can bet you read somewhere. He probably has a problem with his brain making it hard for him to socialize, but he did well getting over that part after the two had sex.

What led to the sexual encounter is the most annoying thing ever and the sexual act was so so not fun to see and it went on for just too long. They kept talking and discussing things that were just too awkward.

In the end like the end of every romantic movie, they could not do without each other. What a load of crap.


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