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Blade II (2002)

Blade II (2002)


Wesley Snipes
Kris Kristofferson
Ron Perlman

Directed by Guillermo Del Toro

With David S. Goyer penning down a part II to the critically successful first flight of Blade in 1998; and Guillermo Del Toro stepping in to direct all you can expect is a good movie day.
Del Toro work of being able to make everything warm and fuzzy at the start and then blow up into some dark tragedy in the end was at play. Del Toro did not disappoint in this as this sequel at first grew into a huge battle line drawn with what seemed like too many players. Then it just dived into clearing the field for the major players.

This was a good sequel to the first Blade, Blade if you recall is a Dhampir (half human, half vampire). The movie was a step up in the area of performances, action sequences and directing as Del Toro was a master. The sad part of this second movie is lack in character depth and some kind of forced union that didn’t get so well on screen.

The plot didn’t really kick off from where the last movie stopped, but instead two years after. We see Blade (Wesley Snipes) looking for his mentor Abraham Whistler. Blade has a new weapon smith named Scud who was not comfortable with Blade finding his mentor and bring him back to the fold. His mentor who was beaten, well let me not ruin this for you.

In the underworld something has upset the balance, a new virus known as the Reaper Virus is plaguing the vampire world. Infected vampires are being turned into Reapers. Reapers are a mutation of vampires, who are immune to vampire weaknesses with the exception of ultraviolet light. These creatures kill humans and vampires alike. If the vampire survive but is beaten they turn into Reapers.

The vampire world has failed in containing this problem and has decided to send for help. They sent their best who are trained to kill Blade to go meet him and call a truce. They must stop this rampage because when the Reapers are done killing all the vampires, the humans are next.

Their reluctant union led them to capture a Reaper and dissect it to see what makes it tick. It was there they discover why Reapers look so hideous and drained. Their body continues to feed on the Reapers themselves if they do not get food. This leaves the Reapers a window of half a day to feed or die. They also notice that the Reapers heart is protected by a bone in the front, except from the side where it is vulnerable. Also Reapers have a faster healing ability in comparison to vampires and they are stronger.

Blade must now find a way to end this new wave before it gets too far and on the way to stopping this he discovers where the Reaper virus actually came from.

Good follow up and nice movie, the next sequel after this I will not bother mentioning.


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