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Blindspotting (2018)

Blindspotting (2018)


Daveed Diggs
Rafael Casal

Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada

Blindspotting is not a movie for every screen even though this drama comedy can resonate with the mind of anyone who sees it.
What I really enjoyed is how two lifelong friends of mixed race (one black and the other white) get to grow to have their life redefined by what they are experiencing.
Although like me, you may not be down with many of the dream scenes and cut-away scenes to get to know the mind of the lead, the movie itself showcases good screenwriting.
The movies transition from what at first appears to be a comedy to a dramatic soul searching journey of two men trying to understand life dynamic is cool to see.

The movie plot is about a man on parole named Collin (Daveed Diggs). Collin has three days left on his parole and he wants to keep his nose clean and get away free. What seems like a hindrance to this is his childhood friend Miles (Rafael Casal). Miles has refused to let go of the old childish ways and be responsible, and Collin fears that Miles could be a problem.
That fear is further deepen by his ex who keeps saying that Collin would not have gone to jail if Miles had been a better friend.

Collin was involved in a fight which he was in on his own. Miles who was sitting saw the fight and jumped in to help his friend beat up the other person. Collin goes to jail and Miles never stopped being there for his friend.
But Collin’s ex sees it another way, she left him when he got thrown in jail and to her Miles is Collin’s major problem.

Collin’s life was not getting easier as he witnessed a white cop gun down a black man who was running away from being arrested.
Adding this to the current issues going on in his head, Collin is trying to deal with everything and even Miles while looking out for himself.

The movie does one thing right that I enjoyed. It addresses the difficulty that comes with being there for your friends.
People always have ideas of how best you can be there for them or for someone else. Nobody cares to think if the other party knows better. Neither do they care if the party is being there for his friend the best way he knows how.

Blindspotting is fun and enjoyable. A good movie to see anytime. It has gained some great critical reviews from critics and audience. It has also gotten award recognition for its work.


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