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Death Becomes Her (1992)

Death Becomes Her (1992)


Meryl Streep
Goldie Hawn
Bruce Willis

Directed by Robert Zemeckis

In 1992 we got to see Meryl Streep in a comedy. She decided to branch her powers in a role that is not well known with her, and it was not so spectacular to be honest.

It is not that she does not have the artistry to pull of a comedy, it is just we are not familiar with that side of her. That said, Bruce Willis and Goldie Hawn were comfortable in their roles in this comedy.

Produced and directed by Robert Zemeckis, this fantasy comedy is about two women obsessed in making each other unhappy. Their game and punches didn’t sit well as they aged, and both decided to take a dive in the fountain of youth.

It starts with Madeline (Meryl Streep) stealing Helen’s (Goldie Hawn) man, Dr. Ernest (Bruce Willis). Helen was very sure Madeline would do such a thing because all their lives since they were young that has been Madeline’s goal.

Helen is heart broken and ends up in a looney bin when Madeline went ahead to marry Ernest. There all she could think about was getting even with Madeline, some years after Helen wrote a book and cleaned up.

She invites Madeline and Ernest to her launch, but when Madeline saw her, she was not the same fat Helen she once knew. Helen has transformed to a skinny, sexy looking lady looking thirty in her fifties.

Helen started to pull the strings of her game, telling Madeline that she has forgiven her and that she blames Ernest for not being faithful. The twist is what she tells Ernest, that she has forgiven him and blames Madeline for stealing him away from her. Together they start to plan Madeline’s murder.

Madeline went to go see her plastic surgeon to see if she could get some more surgery done. She was turned down, but a man gave her a card to go see someone who could do a miracle for her. Madeline went and the lady she saw, looked thirty, but says she was seventy-one.

The lady reveals to Madeline the secret of her beauty and youth, which was an expensive potion. Madeline paid handsomely for it and after drinking it, her youth is rejuvenated. The lady told Madeline the condition for the use of the portion. The most important condition was, Madeline must take good care of her body.

Madeline goes home and her pride because of her new youth made her look down on Ernest and start insulting him. Ernest losses it and pushes her down the stairs killing her. But the surprise of the day was Madeline with a broken wrist and neck got up and wasn’t dead.

Well, the movie was fun to see once again. The focus was mainly on the three characters and even though Meryl seemed out of her place in the role, the movie was fun still.

Willis and Hawn were on point for the comedy to hit home, here is a movie I’m surprised has not had a reboot yet.


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