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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)


Kyle Chandler
Vera Farmiga
Millie Bobby Brown
Bradley Whitford

Directed by Michael Dougherty

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the third movie in this MonsterVerse, and it is not bad. I preferred by far the 2014 first movie though. This makes the first movie a must see for anyone who is interested in the whole Godzilla monster franchise.
I enjoyed the thrilling drama of the first movie, with very little monster on monster action.

Be careful what you wish for. I recall even though I liked the drama and the way they did Godzilla (2014), I thought more monster on monster action will not be a bad addition to this part 2. But, what I failed to understand was the engaging power in Godzilla (2014) was based on the human interaction and the events that followed. Powerful writing and directing made Godzilla (2014) a fine film to see. Here more monster action, but the whole drama was just a stupid lost cause of a suicidal pack of eco-terrorist and a betrayal of a paleobiologist. The plot follows these two joining hands towards what one thought was saving the earth from humans and the other cleansing the human race.

The drama plays a back pedal in what I felt was an eventual outcome. Everything was fine on the earth with the humans debating to either kill the monsters or just leave them be. Then those two foolish forces (the eco-terrorist and the paleobiologist) decided to shake things up. They awoken a monster called Monster Zero, which caused Godzilla to come out from his resting.
Godzilla, from what we learn as the movie progresses is an alpha, and his presence keeps everything in balance and calm. This Monster Zero is an alien, Godzilla’s presence and influence (defeating it time past) has kept it dormant and frozen.

Now he is out and when Godzilla took it on again, human interaction caused Godzilla to be feared dead. Monster Zero survived the human interaction and continues its rampage. Monster Zero then resurrects other monsters causing havoc, now we have no choice, but to find a way to stop this monster. We have to repair the damage we cause Godzilla when we interfered in the balance that was already in place.

This is just to let you know that the path to Godzilla vs Kong (2021) in this Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. MonsterVerse, is a sure thing. The movie is done and in post production set for 2020 release. I for one very much enjoyed both the first, Godzilla (2014) and the second movie, Kong: Skull Island (2017) in this MonsterVerse, more than this movie.


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